10 Largest Construction Projects In The World!!

From massive industrial complexes to the largest
theme parks in the world…stay tuned to number 1 to find out the largest construction projects
mankind has ever taken on! Number 10: South-To-North Water Transfer Project. Sometimes the biggest constructions projects
are the ones that make the most sense, and yet you never think about them until they
need to be done or you find out they’re already underway. Take China for instance. China holds the words biggest population within
its borders, and when you look at how big the country is, you’d think that they would
have everything they need to live easy lives, right? Wrong. In fact, how they live, versus where all the
resources are in conjunction to that is actually rather imbalanced. Over half the people in China live in the
northern part of it, yet the northern section only has 20% of the countries water. So, to try and get the water from the south,
east, and west to the north, they’re making a series of canals called the South-To-North
Water Transfer Project. The focus of these canals is to bring the
water from the rivers of the nation to the north where they can be used by the full population. The canals run a whopping 600 hundred miles
long, and there are three of them! One of them is already complete, but the other
two are still under construction. Number 9: International Space Station. I’m sure you were thinking that all of the
major construction projects on Earth were…well…on the Earth’s surface, and for the most part,
you are correct, but there’s one major, ongoing construction project that’s happening just
outside of Earth’s atmosphere, and that is the International Space Station. What many people forget is that this isn’t
just an outpost, of sorts, but instead, it’s a combined effort of 15 nations to help get
us to understand space better. And it circles the Earth every 92 minutes. But like any good space endeavor, they don’t
just want to stay where they are, they want to…”Boldly go where no man has gone before…” And to that end, they’re constantly improving
the space station, and they even want to expand it even more. The plan is to continue to grow and expand
the it until it becomes a space colony of sorts! That’s right, they want to make it Earth’s
first outpost that’s not on the surface, and they have BIG plans for it. How big? Well, how about 1 million people living on
the final version? Because…yeah, that’s what they’re aiming
for. Oh, and by the end of construction, the total
cost of the International Space Station will be over $1 trillion dollars! Number 8: Al Maktoum International Airport. Before we talk about this enormous airport
construct, take a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by using
the buttons below! I want you to think about the last airport
you were at (if you were at an airport at all, obviously.) What was it like? Was it big? Did you feel that you were kind of scrunched
in? If you did, don’t feel too bad, many airports
like that, which makes it not so surprising that the people of Dubai want to make sure
that their current megaproject, the Al Maktoum International Airport is beyond anything that
the world has ever seen before…in terms of an airport. Just in scale alone, this mega airport covers
21 square miles of land. 21 square miles! You might be thinking, “Why would any airport
need that amount of space?” Well it’s simple, they want to have as much
traffic go through it as possible. Because of this space, they’ll be able to
handle 200 airplanes at once. That’s a lot of air traffic, and would bring
in much more money and tourism to the country. Ironically, this construction phase it’s going
through is just it’s second phase, and it’s hit some delays, to the point where it’s not
finished just yet, and no one is sure when it’s going to be done. Number 7: California High-Speed Rail. You might think that trains are a bit obsolete
due to cars, ride sharing, airplanes, and more, but honest to goodness, trains are a
vital part of the world’s transportation, and if a train can come along and be faster
and safer than some of the models currently on the tracks, you can bet that someone is
going to make it, and a station to go with it. And that’s exactly what California is doing
right now with its high-speed rail. The goal of this train and track is to traverse
the 808 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, two of the biggest cities in the state. And along the way, there will be 24 stops
to help link the two cities. But the real kicker is that this will be a
high-speed electric train…one that will make the entire trip in under 3 hours. That’s a really fast train, and given how
busy and populated Los Angeles and San Francisco is, you can bet a lot of people will be wanting
to get on this train themselves. At present, the project is costing about $70
billion dollars, and it won’t be fully complete until 2030! But, they’re doing it in phases, so parts
of it will be up long before then. Number 6: Panama Canal Expansion. Back in the early days of North America and
the world, if you wanted to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, or vice versa, you had
to go all the way around South America. But then, President of the United States of
America Theodore Roosevelt had an idea…to make a canal that could connect the two oceans
in a way that would let ships pass through quite easily and in only a very small fraction
of the time. Thus was born the Panama Canal. While built under somewhat controversial circumstances,
the canal most definitely did its job, and it’s been transporting boats from one ocean
to the next since 1914. But therein lies the problem, the canal is
old, and sea travel is bigger than ever, so the canal needs to expand. The Panama Canal Expansion gave the legendary
landmark double the space needed to do its work. All of this was possible because of a 3.8
mile channel that was built to allow more locks to be made, and thus more boats to be
transported over. The expansion has been in use since 2016,
and has already had over 3000 ships pass through the new lane. Number 5: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. You ever hear the phrase, “A bridge too far?” Well this is one bridge that is FAR! In China, you’ll find the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao
Bridge, which runs 31 miles long, start to finish, but it’s not a full continuous bridge
though. It actually goes through two artificial islands
along the way. The longest part of the continuous bridge
is a little over 18 miles, and 4 miles of the project is full-on tunnel. But why make this at all? Well that’s because of geography, the bridge
connects Hong Kong to Pearl River West. Before, this would’ve only been possible via
boat travel. So now, it opens up an entirely new avenue
of transport, and makes it convenient for people to travel between these two regions. You’d think that something like this would
be built as soon as the option became available, right? But no, the idea was proposed back in 1983,
and yet construction didn’t start until 2009. Number 4: Dubailand. Let’s be honest here, if you go and look at
all the things that Dubai is either making or has already made, you’ll come to the conclusion
that this place loves to have the biggest and most unbelievable things in its borders. Don’t believe me? Take a look…at Dubailand. This massive theme park is meant to put Disney
World to shame, literally! You could actually fit three entire Disney
World’s within this place when it is done. The entire place is 278 square kilometers,
and will have theme parks, sports venues, eco-tourism, health facilities, science attractions,
and hotels. Speaking of hotels, once it’s done, Dubailand
will have the worlds largest hotel, capable of having 6,500 rooms. And for those who prefer to go shopping over
going on rides and such, there will be a 10 million square foot mall waiting for you at
the park. Seriously, this thing is super-sized, mega-sized,
and every other sized you can think of. But before you start making plans to go visit
it…it’s not done yet. In fact it likely won’t be done until 2025. However, when it does open, it’ll turn heads
for sure. What’s that? What’ll this thing cost in total? 64 billion dollars. Number 3: Three Gorges Dam. China, too, likes to build things bigger than
everyone else, but when it comes to the Three Gorges Dam, they really outdid themselves. This is indeed the worlds’ largest dam, and
you can’t help but wonder how in the heck they pulled this off, but they did. This thing is nearly 600 feet tall, and 131
feet wide, and then, 7,600 feet long! Can you imagine working on this thing bit
by bit until it’s done? But unlike certain things on this list, it
does indeed serve a purpose, the water turns 32 powerful turbines that help produce electricity
for the country. Which is good, because they need to earn some
of their money back after spending $59 billion dollars on its construction. Number 2: Great Man-Made River Project. Ok, let’s talk about rivers. Specifically, let’s talk about why rivers
are important in certain parts of the world, like Africa. Due to the incredible heat and the deserts
that fill part of the world, finding water to live can be hard, if not impossible. Yet the countries there have endured for some
time, but in 1983, they decided to stop enduring and start creating a better solution. That solution was the Great Man-Made River
Project. An attempt to irrigate parts of the Sahara
Desert by funneling water underground via wells and other sources so that the people
of Libya could be better taken care of. The project is still ongoing, but, parts of
it are done. But when it’s fully complete, 350,000 acres
of land will be irrigated by the water that no one could’ve gotten on their own. It’s got some time, though, before it’s done,
it’s estimated to be finished in the year 2030. Number 1: Jubail Industrial City. In Saudi Arabia, in the 1970’s, an industrial
city was literally constructed from the ground up, or in this case, from the sand up. And it’s been a big part of the industry of
the country ever since. But, in 2014, a massive expansion project
began that’ll make this industrial city even more grand than it was before. By the time 2024 comes around, there will
be 100 industrial plants, including a massive desalination plant that’ll be the largest
in the world upon completion. Also among the constructs is a massive oil
refinery. And for transportation, there are massive
roads and a railway. What do you think about these amazing construction
projects? Let us know in the comments below and…take

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  1. It is impressive the things that humans can engineer and build when they put their mind to it. But, one has to notice that the countries that have the most money, can easily fund such projects. Great vid bro.

  2. One million lol 😂 it takes one dumb arse todo some thing stupid for one million prior to die in space lol 😂 won't happen for atleast a century or more

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