Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Own Business in 2017 hi this is Jon he wants to start a
business but he doesn’t know how to start his own business that’s why I’m sharing these ten tips
for starting your own business tip number one do what you love the greatest driving power of an
entrepreneur is the passion in them is born from their love for what they do when starting your own business you must
be sure you love what you’re doing as you will spend lots of time and energy it’s starting a business and nurturing
it to success tip number to keep a source of cash start when you’re still
employed when starting your own business you need to know that profits will not
start coming in right away having a job while you’re starting your
own business helps you in getting through the startup process with enough
cash tip number three you need a team there is a great strength and teamwork
you will always need some level of support when starting your own business
you may need to find a mentor who can always guide you and give you invaluable
advice you can also subscribe to a consultancy
firm who care enough to know you are just starting a new business tip number four get some clients make
the contacts you should not wait to you start your
business officially before you start getting your clients or customers or
building the necessary network around your business doing this will give you some assurance
that you are creating a business with American tip number five right it and
planet creating a business plan is highly important it helps you understand and investigate
your new business idea a solid business plan will help you see
and separate reality from expectations tip number 62 the research writing a business plan means you are
ready to do a lot of research asking questions surfing the internet and reading some
books when you’re starting your own business you should be well informed
about your industry competition customer behavior market risk and
opportunities tip number seven get professional help you do not have to be an expert in
everything about your business although you may have to multitask
yourself when starting your own business you will still have to use some
professional services tip number eight build your cash reserve
financing is a critical part of your business success when starting your own
business you can save up if you can or approach potential business investors
and lenders you must be open to different ideas of
raising your capital normally traditional lenders do not like new
ideas this means a lot of risk for them they
always loved businesses with proven track records tip number nine right from the blow over
the whistle be professional starting off your business should show
professionalism this will require getting all the
accoutrements like a business card a website if you can afford it a business email address and treating
customers in a highly professional manner and tip number ten solidify your
legal framework getting your business fully complied with available laws can
save you from a lot of headaches and financial trouble in the near future does your business need to be registered
do you need a legal framework for your employees what about your tax issues you can
contact a legal expert for you to have the right information and build your
legal framework yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  1. up to tip number 5 and don't agree with one of them so far…. I did the research but didn't do a business plan and I certainly didn't have cash reserves and funds to outsource. NO lenders would help me nor any of my small business pals. Being professional isn't about spending out loads of money. Getting the legal part right is one point I do agree with but most of this is a nice idea but not practical in the real world. Don't let this video put you off. Be prepared for ups and down but believe in yourself. You CAN do it. I may be small but i'm hanging on in there and I did it all wrong according to this 🙂

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  3. So I’m 16yrs old & I’m planning in starting my own landscaping company but , my question here is how should i begin my own business company?? I need help

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  6. I’m 15 years old and am in year 11 so I take my GCSE’s soon. When I’m older I want to set up my own dog grooming business. I am very well organised and enjoy planning things out. I hope that one day I can have a successful dog grooming business and pursue my dream job

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  8. Really good tips. I´m starting my own business but I´ve problems to find industrial consumers. Maybe you can give me some tips.

  9. Great video with such useful information. I have a music production and audio engineering business I have started called 852 RECORDINGS. Based in London. Check out www.852recordings.com for more info. Keep pushing people, turn the dream to reality!! 🙂

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  12. Hey, how's things?,

    Nice Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other tip websites

    Thank you

    Enjoy the day

  13. Great step by step process to open business.
    Be inspired by checking my channel to learn more motivational insights and learn some tips to earn.

  14. I know I shouldve just listened to my business education teacher, but this save me more time.

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  16. Do what you love? Wtf I love sleeping, eating, girls, friendship, roaming and wasting time.? Don't do what you love, Istead love what you do. ❤️

  17. Do what you love – as long as people will PAY YOU FOR IT!
    Just doing what you love can be a recipe for disaster.

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