2017 Infrastructure Report Card

Infrastructure is important to everybody and that infrastructure is supporting our daily life is a huge economic driver for every region in the country that investing in infrastructure the american society of civil engineers provides a way to determine what the quality of our infrastructure is and we do that by producing a report card before you the 2017 asce infrastructure report card overall grade is a d-plus so what does that mean the grace that go up it’s because we either at the federal level state level of municipal level or putting money into that sector good infrastructure allows us to be more competitive in the world and for example we know work we’ve done shows that if we don’t have a competitive infrastructure it will cost this economy 3.9 trillion dollars in our gross domestic product that’s the equivalent of gdp of Germany infrastructure is absolutely critical to the ability of manufacturers to compete and succeed so for every dollar that is invested in manufacturing another dollar anyone of of economic output occurs from a position of of economic strength i don’t think we have the option of failing to address our infrastructure challenges the 16 categories that we grade while they are individual categories do point to the fact though that our infrastructure is all tied together and that those 16 categories are tied together so while we might invest a lot of money for example in water systems if we fail to invest in the energy grid the water system will not likely be able to perform as expected in some areas we are investing the freight railroad system in the United States is second to none and the reason it is second-to-none is because of its continued investments so that means that means that today and put us in a position to meet the needs of tomorrow measure him is a new half-cent sales tax that will generate a ton 60 million dollars a year 465,000 jobs will be created in the first 40 years of this measure so what we’re implementing in washington DC am i smart grid forward without putting sensors on the underside of manhole covers that could kill information about the pressure we will be putting sensors with customers right on there in case we know information about water quality that gives us an incredible set of information we then use to monitor the system we can pattern out what it is exactly that we’re going to need to build anyone order and how would we build it to most efficiently deliver that service to the customer base of today and tomorrow the poor long beach’s as doing quite a bit on the planning side of things when it comes to reinvesting in our infrastructure for the next fiscal year we’ve got a robust program 500 million dollars in value terminal redevelopment rail fire safety and security facilities we’ve got our teams looking ahead in the into the future and saying what is the world doing we do that in a way that that’s geared at making sure that we’re reliable that were efficient and that were sustainable we believe three things need to be done 267 structure challenges investment and planning in the system bold leadership by our elected officials at the local federal state and planning for sustainability and resiliency in our future it’s not acceptable today for infrastructure to get the grades that we’re getting and when it comes down to it ultimately we’re going to have to sometimes both on the funding measure we’re going to have to say this is important enough for us to spend a little bit more money in our nation’s infrastructure has an impact on everything that we do each of us has an obligation to make sure that we’re investing in our nation’s infrastructure each American has to commit just saying you know what I like the quality of life I want the economic prosperity and I’m willing to pay my share to make our infrastructure better than it has been in the past because it matters to me personally you know you can print that predicted cost or you could have sudden costs that are instrumental but you’re not going to get away without doing something

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  1. The 800 billion U.S. military budget plus the yearly billion-dollar tribute to the genocidal Israeli master would've been better used to make American infrastructure great again!

    No fun living with 1950s crumbling infrastructures.

  2. if we took 80 billion, we could eliminate ALL overdue medical debt in the US. that's less than the INCREASE in military spending we had just in 2017. bernie has put forth a plan to do just that.

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