3 Ways Elon Musk is Disrupting the Construction Industry | The B1M

Pioneering startups and tech savvy entrepreneurs
are disrupting the construction industry like never before. But the stand-out figure in this exciting
revolution is undoubtedly Elon Musk. Widely regarded as one of the most ambitious
and successful entrepreneurs of recent times, Musk is the man behind Tesla, SpaceX and a
whole host of other companies that are driving rapid change within the construction industry. Here, we look at three ways he is disrupting
our sector. First up is Musk’s impact on transport infrastructure
in the form of hyperloop – a new high-speed mode of travel that’s billed as the fastest
way to cross the surface of the earth. The hyperloop concept sees pods containing
passengers and cargo loaded onto transporters that travel at airline speed in pressurised
tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation. Many people dismissed the concept as infeasible
and a media stunt when Musk first proposed it in 2012. Despite this, he made hyperloop open source
and encouraged student groups and start-up companies to take his idea and develop it
further. Since then, an entirely new industry has been
born with numerous companies being established to independently develop specific hyperloop
technologies. Proving that it isn’t just a fantasy, larger
companies, like Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Virgin Hyperloop One, have modified
Musk’s original concept and are now in a serious race to become the first to deploy
an operational hyperloop system that could revolutionise the way we travel. As part of Musk’s ongoing vision to move
the world away from a “mine and burn” economy and towards a “solar” economy,
he assisted his cousins Peter and Lyndon Rive, in establishing SolarCity in 2006. By 2011 it had become one of the leading installers
of solar panels and electric vehicle chargers in the United States. After recognising the symbiotic relationship
between the SolarCity and Tesla, Musk merged the two companies in 2016, expanding SolarCity
to not only provide a means of energy production, but one of energy storage as well. By combining the solar panel systems with
his Tesla Powerwall, Musk was able to offer a practical means to store excess energy produced
on sunny days, so that it would kick in at times when the sun did not shine. This weaned millions homes off their reliance
on traditional power grids as the fallback for solar power during the night and on cloudy
days. Musk also announced in 2016 that SolarCity
would introduce the “Tesla Solar Roof” – a system where roof tiles act as photovoltaic
(PV) panels, thus ensuring that the ability for a household to generate solar power is integral
to its design, not just bolted-on later. Production is already underway in Tesla’s
Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York and the first commercial installations are expected in
2018. With numerous established misconceptions about
construction industry across society, many of the brightest young people are pushed into
what are perceived to as “higher-flying” careers by their parents, guardians and teachers. The result is a lack of strong young talent
coming into our sector; a sector that uses cutting-edge technology everyday, that enables
you to travel the world and which delivers a built environment that almost every human
being on earth interacts with. Elon Musk is one of the key figures challenging
those misconceptions. In December 2016, while stuck in traffic in
Los Angeles – Musk tweeted that he would build a tunnel to address the cities traffic congestion. Within two months he had purchased a Tunnel
Boring Machine (TBM) and begun excavating a test tunnel at his SpaceX headquarters under
a new venture; The Boring Company. Similarly, in response to ongoing power failures
in South Australia, brought on by storms and heatwaves, Musk stated that he would solve
the states’ energy needs by building the world’s largest battery farm in less than
100 days. If he couldn’t achieve his goal – he promised to do it for free. Musk went
on to deliver with a month to spare. The speed at which many of Musk’s ideas
move from concepts to real world applications affecting millions of people is rapidly demonstrating
the power of construction to our wider society. If you enjoyed this video and would like to get more from the definitive video channel
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100 Replies to “3 Ways Elon Musk is Disrupting the Construction Industry | The B1M”

  1. Real change will come with the complete decentralization of the modern power grid. When a majority of homes become mini power generation plants, we will see the collapse of tradional utility companies. It will happen. And lest you think I'm a Tesla fanboy, think again. I'm a retired power plant mechanic who has built and maintained coal, natural gas. biomass, hydroelectric and nuclear power facilities.
    The only thing certain in life is change.

  2. When you say “Elon musk challenges our industry”, do you mean construction of anything? From buildings to small objects? Cause if so… I think the argument could be made that the booming tech industry is actually a great place for new designs and many construction opportunities.

  3. 1:03 *Depressurized / low pressure / evacuated / tubes sealed from friction / Space-like tubes / aerodynamically enhanced.

    Double Like.

  4. sadly not a very scientific video. You chose two of Musks projects that arent going to become reality for sure. Hyperloop and an these fancy Metro are both unessesary and impossible physically.

  5. In the video you said the tubes are pressurized they are depressurized if they were pressurized the pods would burn up please correct that.

  6. It's pretty easy to be 'disruptive' when people give you tens of billions of dollars to burn. Musk will be remembered as a charlatan.

    Making nice electric cars is easy. Making money making nice electric cars is the test and Tesla failed and will collapse soon.

    Solar roof tiles are a hoax product that has been tried many times and found to be ineffective compared to normal solar panels.

    Rockets are nothing new. Landing rocket boosters on landing pads is a cool, fun trick, but NASA landed a manned craft on the moon 50 years ago and if it was really a better solution than a simple parachute we would have been doing it long ago.

    Boring hoes is easy, but try doing under the English Channel as was done 25 years ago or building the New York subway system 100 years ago. The engineers and managers who completed those projects deserve our admiration, not Musk.

    Musk is just an obnoxious, dismissive child who somehow acquired billions of dollars and hired a good image consultant. Listen to the Q2 Tesla conference call and you will hear the voice of a spoiled child. He only appears innovative by presenting his ideas supported by laser lights and smoke machines, but if you dig into 'his' ideas you will find nothing new and frequently the ideas have been examined and discarded long ago even if it may seem 'innovate' on the surface.

    Musk is MC of a high drama hyrda that lives and grows by consuming massive amounts of cash, but Musk has been cut off from the cash machine and his empire is near collapse.

    What we need are mature, serious engineers and business people who know how to employ capital efficiently and design effective solutions rather a spoiled child desperately wanting to stay in the limelight by burning billions with a flame thrower in a tent.

  7. Nope.
    For intense growth we need intense development of technology or development of intensely effective ways of management.

    Both of these niches have no further space.
    Construction is not attractive because it pays less to talents.

  8. And now the Brick company is born. Building homes in otherwise rural areas for under $50K with low cost but strong bricks assembled by robotic arms. Like a giant 3D printer creating cities out of countryside with underground tunnels connecting it all and solar tiles powering it all. Got to love the future!!!

  9. What are good fields in construction? I did a bs in environmental management and didn't do too well in engineering hence the change in degree.

  10. Elon musk is a sakeoil salesman when it comes to hyperloop and the boring company. The greatest thing about Elon musk the fact that he create hype for anything.

  11. can you guys do a video that goes more in depth into the construction and operation of tesla's gigafactory?

  12. I'm interested in seeing what he does with The Boring Company to develop a rail line between O'Hare airport and downtown Chicago (the Loop).

  13. good vid, he's very determined. Though there are a lot of negative sides to musk and I feel like you just focused on the positives.

  14. Elon Musk is the greatest chance that we will have a future. Suck it up or get out of the way. The future is coming whether you like it or not. There is little political will from the oligarchs to improve the chance for humanity to survive. They are stupid but we outnumber them by hundreds of millions. It's time to take the world back and find peaceful solutions so we can move past the short lived political morons that do not represent us.

  15. I like Elon Musk, but the Boring Company is ridiculous. Cities can easily implement changes that would alleviate traffic, if they're serious about changing their auto-dependent habits. Building for pedestrians, cyclists and funding public transportation would save billions of dollars than boring a tunnel underground, just look at the cost of building subways. Elon Musk's vision for the Boring Company is equivalent to Robert Moses' highway plans from the 1960's.

  16. Its no different to the Industrial Revolution. Except this time its not the workers that are resisting new technology, but big business scared of loosing their monopolies.

    The saboteurs this time trying to throw their metaphorical shoes into the machinery are actually the mainstream big players, and it's the small players that are trying to roll out new technologies that will cut prices and provide a next generation of technology.

    Strange how history repeats for those that don't remember it. Also how the rolls are reversed and the motivations changed.

    Car manufacturers have always feared change, the early 1980's a new car manufacturer wanted to created cars with an aluminium body, so it wouldn't rust. Two years in his funding dissapeared and he tried to keep going with a criminal activity.

    I'm sure Elon Musk has been hit by well planned set backs and business collusion by his competitors. Luckily he isn't stupid enough to fall into the bait and switch that others have fallen too. So mainstream manufacturers are trying to cut him out if his own market with vehicles that are generations behind musk's endevours, he even opened up the patents for his competitors to use his techology.

    Now it's the point of sale they are trying to get him under their control. He sells direct they block his sales state by state. Its absurd and obviously dodgy business practice supported by the state aperatus.

  17. Less than 20y the world is truly changing, speaking positively, people like elon musk whom put their heats and their minds in making a significant better future in developing public transportations and protecting the environment by focusing on alternative energies instead of fossil fuels, and spreading the knowledge they achieve for the people, means next generation s coming, this means a lot and predict a better future ,I don't believe what the media is always trying to magnify about elonmusk mistakes and criticizing his strategies at work, I think he is a genuine person, not afraid of using everything he knows and learned through his experiences ,I will always admire and look up to him a lot, he is the best type of people you should follow because he hold a powerful knowledge, called technology, and using it well for the great benefit of humanity, you know like those good characters we read about in books,but happened to be inspired from real guys like elon musk, I'm glad I'm living in time of elon musk… There I said it😏

  18. I don't think the hyperloop wil be disruptive nor wil the tunnel system be disruptive u need a massive infrastructure for that and that costs to much to be viable but it's a good alternative

  19. Great, we are in a world thats changing so fast, its insane we arent changing faster. Well need it even if we cant keep up.

  20. Elon is NOT disrupting all of those industries. They finally have a competition which is moving and making it less expensive and NOT beyond the reach of the average person. And taking away the movement for the rich only.

  21. Remember guys the boring company and space x are private company, private investor.
    Nothing to do with telsa stock price only solar city and the battery plant and home battery.
    So only that earning will hold up telsa stock.

  22. The hyperloop reminds me the futuristic technology based on Vibranium in Black Panther movie, shit…Future…

  23. Disrupting as in making things 100x safer and less intrusive to nature?

    Elon Musk is what the world needs to cherish.

  24. They aren’t pressurized tubes, they are vacuum tubes. Solar city was going bankrupt, Tesla bought it, now laying off people, closing stores, and adding to Tesla losses. You muskrat sucknuts don’t know how to research anything. Hyperloop was written about 100 years ago, it isn’t muskrats idea, that’s why he didn’t patten it.

  25. The infrastructure of the USA is falling apart. Musk and others are the ones to be trusted in bring about fast change to them, and other nations.

  26. It's just that Americans have very little drive and their allies have been stuck going at Americas snail pace since the end of the last world war. It's very refreshing to see that domination crumble.

  27. I love Elon and all that he is doing but lets be clear. His Hyperloop concept was not as described in this video. Maglev trains running in depressurized tubes is not a new concept and is not what the hyperloop was supposed to be. His concept was using jet engines in front of the pods to create a cushion of air to levitate the pod and accelerate it. This was the cost differentiation that made the concept viable. This is what he bragged his interns could do. They couldnt. For the same reason we dont see flying drones on Mars. You depressurize the tube therefore there is far less air to use to levitate and push against for acceleration. Love the guy, think he is one of the greatest people ever to live. But, lets not get carried away and start giving undeserved credit. There is a lot of deserved credit that we can give him.

  28. Mush is a show person…like a huckster. He makes wild self aggrandising claims, spends a lot of (usually taxpayer's) money…and then slinks away quietly when his products fail to deliver the goods.

  29. Correction: You said Musk merged the two companies Solar City and Tesla. That is not true from legal perspective, Tesla bought Solar City. Merged means when two companies share equal ownership. And big companies dont merge with little companies they tend buy them. Big in terms of finance, capital.

  30. Musk is correct , The wealth will not always remains with the entrepreneur , there will be always change for better tomorrow, especially in the energy sector where sun will play the major energy source .

  31. RED ALERT RED ALERT Science will not save us from Science. We need to save ourselves from GLOBAL WARMING. If the U.N. had a plan it would start something like this.

    1. The world’s total population would have to accept to not bring children into this world for the next 20 years. ( there are plenty of children that need love and a home )
    2. People that would likre to end their lives should be legally and socially accepted.( euthanasia) (a persons dignified right)😀
    3. All wars must stop today. ( people get to go home to live in there own places )
    4. The automobile industry must stop producing Fossil Fuel Powered social vehicles ending 2017. ( people get to still have a job in the motor industry building alternative vehicles )
    5. All countries that can ,will need to produce their own products (reducing ocean travel fuel burn)( sustain a work force)
    6. All global business will need to move investment to full blown Renewable energy supply. ( they and their investors still make money )
    7. All countries will need to grow billions of tons of Indian Hemp. The hemp will provide for a huge carbon store by making everything you can from it. Replacing all petrochemical products. (diversity will create contentment and PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. )
    8. Socially all drug addicts will be supplied with there drug of choice at a place of convenience. At a cost that will cover the cost. ( social rest,the end of the black market and the decline in overall drug use and deaths.)
    9. The amounts of Fossil Fuels (burnt) in the countries that will still need them will be calculated so as to keep the atmosphere stable as the gasses are reduced. ( the second and third world people will still have their first world comforts and thus we all become one world people accepting all cultures.) Sounds great hey.
    10. Understanding that there is a lot more to UNDERSTAND and DO to save LIFE. The Scientific COMMUNITY have a colossal job in helping to do this. We need all of us to DO this, ALL OF US. And the list goes on.
    (Patience and faith in one another)

    Imagine the UN achieving that, when they can’t even stop the ethnic cleansing that happens daily.

  32. The hyperloop is not going to work and the tunnel system under LA has so many safety issues it won't fly either, Musk is a very creative and great ideas man who has a greater than average success but he is also a dreamer of impossible dreams. The BFR earth to earth transport system will never happen simply because rockets are not safe enough for public transport. We would have used them years ago if they were. Just creating stunning futuristic computer graphics and spreading them on Youtube and the MSM will get him fans and probably convince many to financially support his projects but it will not alter the law of thermo-dynamics or make a rocket design as safe as an aeroplane. I do support Musk though because he is actually doing some awesome stuff but I'm not a muggins 😉

  33. @elonsbodymusk solarcity is literally the biggest ripoff in the us and if you think your name is about to be on another idea everyone else has been talking about forever youre sad

  34. Water utilities can also be decentralized by adding water storage to each house. Water delivery will be measured in gallons per year and delivered sporadically instead of on demand like current delivery.

  35. Great to see so many ideas become reality. Solar with battery packs is a game changer. Tesla could free households from a dependency on our out moded models of polluting power generation. Off grid living for the many in a green and sustainable way. What next I wonder?

  36. Japan's bullet train is already in the works why not have something like that. Hyperloop is flipping the resources trying to do the same thing… Musk is about building his ego, nothing more.

  37. Elon Musk is famous worldwide but you can even pronounce Elon properly ?
    Are you Chinese ? Russian ? or just a stupid Bot ?

  38. I find it somewhat disconcerting that Elon Musk (Lone Skum) is praised so widely for inventions that remove humanity from their environment. His underground tunnels for transport between cities plays into the stack & pack mentality of the UN Agendas 21 & 2030 in which humanity will be squeezed into controlled cities and denied access to proposed "wild lands" which nobody will have permission to see. Meanwhile, Trump is granting permission to frack damage every square inch of what was once a pristine USA.
    If you do not want to see your future generations imprisoned in unhealthy controlled cities you really should THINK AGAIN about the future you are racing towards.

  39. Anytime a new technology that doesn't run on oil comes out, the powers that be shut it down. Musk is able to tell them to piss off, he has his own money.

  40. Tunnels aren"t a solution to traffic jams. its basically like adding more lanes, just underground. As the population increases, more people get these cars, the underground highways will also get congested when one of them breaks downs on the track. And what about fires underground.

  41. The hyperloop idea isn't pressurized tubes, it's depressurized tubes, very low pressure well below sea level and closer to 10,000 to 30,000 ft pressures, at which there's much less resistance and friction w the air. These ideas go back to old sci-fi, anyone who read 1960s and 70s hard sci-fi and/or developing science mags is already familiar w this stuff, small model tests have been done over the decades at many universities. At this point, tell me bout it when it's operational and going from NYC to LA ! I'll be in my freighter TARDIS.

  42. Solar roof tiles as a test product go back to the 80s, Builder mag, a trade publication, had articles and companies selling and installing the early versions. Like many Musk is building on prev developed stuff, just tweaking it, Marconi used several of Nickola Tesla's designs to make his radio work. Humans have been doing this since we were living in caves and hunting w spears, those were always being tweaked, eventually becoming the bow & arrow, then crossbow, firearms, cannons, rockets and missiles and now railguns and directed energy weapons. I'm looking at the larger picture.

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