A Day in the Life: Cornell Architecture Student

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  2. Architecture is a 5 year major, so you should clarify this in the beginning of the video since JC is a 4th year and said he’s a senior.

  3. This dudes backpack is so big in every video he is in hahaha. Why are you carrying so much my man? Practice minimalism 😂

  4. Where is the guy who did the videos before? The old guy was much more energetic and interesting to watch.

  5. so there's a greater than average probability that this lads passion in life has yet to be discovered

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  8. Cross this student
    this student can’t realized ,keeping discover friends’ advantage entirely and treasure friendship

  9. I didn’t know how many times you take exams for this department of architecture
    I take exams unlimited times in life
    So I am so strong now
    I have unlimit vocabulary in several professional issue

    I am having enternal working rights

    It’s excactly what I like and want and interested in
    An enternal working rights
    It is the reason I learned English conversation when I am junior students.
    I didn’t cheat or dispoint my self lead to my self dreams came true
    not only self practiced
    NOW I got the work caring children

  10. I've just uploaded: A day in the life of an Architect
    Would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! 
    Your vlogs have inspired me so much and it's been so much fun filming my working life!
    Big <3 From The UK!

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