100 Replies to “Adam Savage’s King Arthur Armor Build, Part 2”

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  2. It is truly awesome. In the base definition of the word. To watch a master work. Thank you for a glimpse into the mind of a true master of his craft.

  3. This is awesome, you are definitely lucky to be able to work with such a master. He was just awesome to watch and listen to. Thanks for bringing this to us. much love Adam

  4. This is pure magic, watching Adam take in these lessons from Terry! We're so lucky to be able to see this apprenticeship develop! Thank you Tested!!! We live in an amazing time.

  5. Haha, I thought Adam was about to crack a Knight's Tale joke at the end, "I have been measured, I have been weighed, and I have been found wanting." (I know that's not the right order, haha, and I know it's a biblical reference first).

  6. Watching this kind of thing really drives home just why something like this is so expensive. The aluminium is fairly cheap (you can get 4 m^2 0.9 mm thick 1050A H14 for about £60), but the man-hours … jeez.

  7. It must be nice not having OCD. Terry just whips that thing out, modifying it at every step. “Oh I didn’t leave enough there, I’ll fix it.” I wonder if super organized Adam Savage who has a tool for everything and a place for that tool has issues with this shop? 😂

  8. It's so rare a vid draws me in so strongly that I've been sitting, just starring for a few minutes after it ended. Simply amazing! I'm so glad I watched this, what an amazing mastery.

  9. Am I the only one that wants the hammer from the thumbnail? It's sort of an unhealthy obsession of mine to collect hammers just because of the design/look of them

  10. There were pointy shoes, but the fashion of the Henry VIII era armors put great emphasis on the man package. This is a good style for Adam because it distracts from his excited nipples. The black t-shirt is Clooney-Batman.

  11. think those scissors where used a lot by people making copper and tin parts for raingutters and stuff like that , there the real tin snips

  12. The legally different enough almost Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo intro is one of my favorite intros on this channel. Glad this series is finally coming out

  13. I love watching Terry English work. What an amazing artist and professional.

    I think that this could spawn a whole new sub-meme of "Terry English jokes" (like Chuck Norris jokes). (…"Aluminum cans spontaneously assemble into perfectly-fitted plate armor when Terry English glares at them". "If Terry English had designed the Apollo rocket, it would have been faster, lighter, stronger, and he would have sketched it all out by eye on butcher paper". etc)

    BTW, this just inspired me to subscribe to Tested Premium. Nicely played, Adam. Nicely played.

  14. Oh crap i'v never know what that elbow muscle was formed from. Mine is like a large lump and I have always had no clue why. So I guess from squeezing? Does anyone know its name?

  15. I've been making armors for 12 years as a hobby out of different materials (leather and foam mostly) This video is just a jewel for me. To see a master armorsmith share his knowledge like that is so precious. If Terry wants to make youtube videos I will gladly watch those. Thank you Adam !

  16. Just finished watching the second part and had to come back and say this is already my favorite thing to watch, and may well be the most memorable ever. Seeing you two collaborate and seeing the heart you guys put into it is really inspiring. I would watch a series like this the rest of my life!

  17. This is what happens when someone learns a complete mastery, and can replicate it with purely experience. It's freakin' magic, ladies and gents.

  18. His hands look strong enough to crush yours in a simple little handshake, but he comes across as way too polite to ever try it out.

    I love watching craftsman working their trade. It's just such a fascinating level of skill and knowledge coming together to make really cool things.

  19. Would love to see Terry and Adam do a video(s) together where they give one another an armour set to make. Either that or they collab on another piece together

  20. This is really interesting and cool and the craftsmanship is amazing. But I can't help to cringe whenever a piece of aluminium is called armor. That's a costume, not a set a armor. I'm sorry..

  21. I remember when I was about 17 getting some tin-snips in my stocking for Christmas, as I'd mentioned I'd kinda always wanted some. I thought they were going to be magical metal-shearing beastly scissors, little did I know it took a bit of work to use properly! Them being super cheap didn't help at the time either! 😀

  22. Aluminium NOT aluminum. Damn right. xD If that old man(yet probably better trained than me) gives you a firm handshake he could probably break your finger bones with ease. LUL

  23. Excalibur was the best, the armor in that movie looked heavy and realistic, the bit where gabriel byrne's character dies in the river was awesome.

  24. It would be so awesome to see this master craftsman do more suits of armour… It's so relaxing and wonderful to see him work.

  25. The guys hands look like he wouldn't even need a hammer to band those metal sheets into shape, he's probably just doing it to be polite.

  26. Terry is so soft-spoken and has such a soothing voice – he's very relaxing to listen to. Aside from the metalworking this is almost like an asmr video XD

  27. I'm so envious. Meeting him and working with him would be a dream come true. It'd be like meeting the Pope, except Terry isn't full of shit.

  28. I was expecting some additions to be made for Gambeson-type under-armour. Anybody got something to say about that assumption?

  29. I would love to see Adam make a space marine suit for comic con I feel like he would do such a great job doing it

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