Backyard Suspension Bridge – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE: EP6

I like the Golden Gate much, I built a replica of my own backyard. From this end to the other end is a hundred fifty feet and it’s over two stories tall. My name’s Larry richardson. I’m a retired mailman. Now my hobbies around here are just doing a little bit of woodwork. We built 2,3..400 bird houses. We never sell a birdhouse, we’ll build them and give them away. I’ve people say “I’ll pay you for it” or I say “nah, then I’m working again. I’m retired and I intend on staying retired. So we’ve built our own house. We made the house out of garage kits. So we just bought two garages and put them together, but the coolest thing I’ve ever made is my miniature Golden Gate bridge in my backyard. The bridge itself from this end to the other end as a hundred fifty feet. It’s feet its eight-foot-wide and it’s over two stories tall. We own a piece of ground on both sides of the creek and we needed to get the other side of the creek. I could have built just a footbridge so this probably a little overkill. 1967 when Vietnam was going, I had graduated from high school, threw in a bucket list that I wanted to cross the Golden Gate bridge. And six months later they took me across the Golden Gate bridge on my way to Vietnam. While I was in California I picked up a postcard of it And when we got back I liked the Golden Gate so much my wife said “you ought to build your bridge”. And so I got with my dad we just used our postcard as a blueprint and that was only blueprint we had was a picture postcard of the Golden Gate There’s 97 a half tons of concrete and the concrete is all hand poured and it’s mixed in a wheelbarrow. We built our own crane to stand up our towers and everything and then when you look at the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge the cables come down to about the same angle so we had to get our post in the middle and get the same angles. My father was a retired machinist, I carried mail so we had no engineering background. We just start one weekend and nine years later we had the bridge. We used as much recycle material as we could. These are old irrigation wheels and an anchor goes down in seven foot in the ground and they’re 10 tons of concrete on each anchor. Cables came from a oil drill rig. Our cattle panels on the bottom, these are actually animal enclosure fencing. Altogether I figure between 3,000-4,000 dollars actually involved in building the bridge itself. In the evenings my wife and
I will take walks over the bridge, walk down the woods here and everything. My wife is a romantic. She says she can keep her balance on the bridge, but really it’s to walk hand-in-hand. My miniature Golden Gate bridge is the coolest thing I’ve ever made. (Director) “Excellent delivery!”

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  1. Lmao… every episode gets me…. "Yeah I made a a little box square back a year ago…. but the coolest thing I have ever made was my Apollo 11 Spacecraft replica"

  2. He needed a way to get to his land on the other side of the creek so he built a scale replica of The Golden Gate Bridge using a picture postcard as his blueprint. AMAZING !!

  3. Looks really cool, but nothing like the Golden Gate Bridge. The towers are different. The Golden Gate Bridge's towers don't have a diagonal pattern on them. This is more similar to the Bay Bridge near the Golden Gate, but it's still pretty inaccurate.

  4. Has the bridge been damaged by any tornadoes? But anyway, THAT BRIDGE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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