Big Truck + Low Bridge = Satisfying Schadenfreude

(upbeat orchestral music) – [Jurgen] People enjoy mayhem, especially when it
happens to other people. There’s definitely a
factor of schadenfreude in watching something go terribly wrong to someone else. – [Narrator] You’re in a U-Haul. You’re about to start your
first semester at Duke, and driving down the
road you see this sign. And another sign. You pay no attention, and then this sign lights up, and then disaster strikes. You’re about to get
your 15 minutes of fame all thanks to this man. – [Jurgen] Hi, I’m Jurgen Henn. – [Narrator] And he’s
infamous in these parts. Right, Jurgen? – One can say that yes, I am, known as the 11 foot
8 guy around here. – [Narrator] Jurgen and his
wife started, which is what exactly? – 11 Foot 8 website records
all the truck crashes that happen here at the
11 foot 8 bridge. It’s really all it is. (laughs) Eight years ago I set up a
camera outside my office here, and started recording the traffic that goes under the
railroad trestle behind me. Within a few weeks, I recorded a truck crashing into the railroad bridge. – [Narrator] Since installing the camera, Jurgen has uploaded video of
113 crashes at the bridge, and amassed over 10 million views. Most bridges in the state
have a 15 foot clearance. The 11 foot 8 bridge, however, was built 100 years ago,
hence the lower height. And now thanks to Jurgen, these crashes have a dedicated following. – Our fans are really intensely
interested in these crashes, and they love to buy souvenirs, little piece of crash art. – [Narrator] Uh, what’s crash art? – The crash art are bent,
mangled pieces of aluminum that usually form the frame of the truck. And the impact crushes that aluminum and kind of twists it
in interesting shapes. People will buy the
crash art, they love it. For some of them it’s almost like owning a piece of the Berlin Wall. – [Narrator] Why doesn’t the
town just raise the trestle or lower the road? – [Jurgen] From the perspective of the city and the state DOT, the low clearance is clearly marked, and it’s up to the driver
to decide their next move. Structural changes at this intersection would be extremely costly. – [Narrator] Well at least
we have these awesome videos. Right? – I get no satisfaction
out of seeing a new crash. If we found an actual solution
to prevent this tomorrow, I’d be all over it, I love it.

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  1. というか、これバーがなかったらセーフなものが多いように感じる。むしろバーが邪魔になっているように感じる。これぞアメリカ名物「本末転倒」。

  2. There is a solution you dumb f*cks…just dig out the road below and underpin it. The people in this town are just to friggin' stupid to do anything about it.

  3. Try being startled awake at 4am by one of these idiots in front of the bus you're on, on a one-way street with no way to back up or turn around, being stuck for 3 hours while the truck is extracted. It stops being quite so entertaining.

  4. Wow, that's just hilarious. Laugh and people in rental trucks getting hurt. It's not like they are professional truck drivers and drive vehicles that are tall on a regular basis and know to worry about this kind of thing. How about fix the overpasses so this doesn't happen. Morons.

  5. Why not lower the roadway 2 feet? Are the city leaders really that damn stupid? Blame the drivers too but for fucks sake you see a problem and leave it????

  6. I used to put the liftgate on these trucks and have seen some of these trucks come to the shop. I don't see how they don't notice it.

  7. Simple couple hundred dollar solution. Install two 5000 lumen LED light over each lane that is triggered by height sensors farther back. If you blind the truck driver, he will slam on the brakes.

  8. How on earth, after ALL those crashes have they not lowered the road beneath that bridge? That is the real incompetence here, they've had 150 years.

  9. I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT! Just put a sign with a drawing that says trucks will crash. I'm a genius right?! Naa they already know how to make signs effective, they just want the money the crashes bring to the city.

  10. guys guys listen wee need to ad a sign that says hight ok speed up the 11.8 is sad because it cant eat as many trucks as before save the 11.8

  11. I though they made several technological additions last year that were supposed to really cut down on the peeled trucks.

  12. You would think these crashes might damage the bridge a little bit each time. It's kind of amazing how people don't even have a bit of hesitation about whether or not the bridge might be a bit low for their vehicle. The bridge, to meet standard clearance guidelines would need to be at least 13' 6''. So to do that would require major excavation and shoring, not to mention the railroad would probably have to suspend operations over it during construction.

  13. Why would you fix this?
    It’s hilarious seeing people not notice blatant signals “This bridge is low, if you have invalid height, please find another way through.”

  14. All of those truck drivers that went through the bridge are dumb-asses, I don't feel sorry for those people. There are already enough warning sign but still they ignore and didn't take it seriously. Remember…there are no medicines or cure for STUPID and DUMB-ASSES PEOPLE ! Because STUPIDITY is not a DISEASE, that's why !

  15. They should install a banner with cloth panels like in a car wash stating that if the cloth hits the truck, the bridge will too. The cloth should make an audible sound, but not damage the truck.

  16. What happens with the trains? When our bridges get hit, the trains are stopped, then a 5mph speed limit is imposed until the bridge and railway line has been thoroughly inspected for damage.

  17. Wait… Schadenfreude is also used in English??? I'm from Germany. It's actually a German word that is very unique in its meaning. It means the satisfaction that someone feels of others' pain😅

  18. I can think of several solutions three of which would cost less then the signs put there. One a row of three tressels with wire brushes that scrape the top loudly alerting the driver to initiate brakes before the bridge. The second would just be to add another tressel in front of the existing one slightly higher with heavy gadge steel plate welded between the two up top; creating a slope. This slope would force the suspension to compress gradually, thuss redussing the most damage done by the initial blunt impact.

  19. We don't have a 11 foot 8 bridge in Australia but many times here in Melbourne trucks and buses thought they could find a shortcut under a bridge but the Bridge always wins!! 😂😂 There was a garbage truck that crashed into a bridge in West Melbourne and became wedged on an angle on July 3 😂😂 In October last year a bus crashed into a pretty busy bridge in the city and absolutely DESTROYED the front portion of the bus. Luckily no one died. Becareful out there truck drivers!

  20. Mon Dieu ! One (me, that's who) would think that EVER truck rental business in that region, mes amours, would forewarn all its' customers. Hope they all paid additional monies for full-coverage insurance.

  21. The Rail Road commission was worried about the bridge because all those crashes could weaken the structure. Their solution: MAKE THE BRIDGE STRONGER! 😂

  22. In the small Ohio town I grew up in, there's a low-clearance railroad bridge on a state route heading downtown.
    I never remember any truck hitting it, because they can all read and take the road with a bridge over the tracks.

  23. Perhaps a billboard with a picture of what can happen placed near the bridge. All though I have no sympathy for inattentive truck drivers

  24. Is this the ONLY bridge in the entire city that's this height? because if that's the case and I had been driving around all day without any problems I probably wouldn't think twice about driving under this bridge.

  25. ANY situation of this type can be remedied. Maybe when a tank truck carrying something flammable or some lethal gas hits the bridge and the it EXPLODES the wisdom of stopping the excuses and fixing the thing will be realized. It'll just take a few dozen lives and a few evacuations of Durham and the sadistic humor will be replaced with long overdue anger. Until then… loads of laughs, right?


  27. Stupid drivers. If you dont know the height of your vehicle, you shouldnt be allowed behind the wheel.

  28. Here in Longview, TX, we have the infamous Green St bridge. At one time, it was about 10'8". The city undertook a major reconstruction effort to raise the clearance but due to underground utility lines and lack of depth of the railroad bridge supports, they only gained about 8 inches. They now have a series of long tubular gongs strung across the road about 10 yards from the bridge. The last driver to hit the bridge claimed he was "distracted by the noise of the gongs".

  29. We had one bloke working at the same company as me drove two trucks under the same bridge in the same week lol

  30. teach these drivers how to pay attention , but more importantly teach the poor illiterate bastards how to read , I don't have to worry about my comment , after all they are illiterate bastards and can't read it , 11- 8

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