100 Replies to “Building a Rogue’s Everyday Carry Kit”

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    Also important: you guys gotta decide where you're at on my hair. You're all over the map with your responses 😀

  2. will you be selling those complete edc kits at scamstuff.com?
    you WILL be selling those complete edc kits at scamstuff.com

  3. My replacement for both the USB and the SD card is a micro SD card inside a tiny MicroSD USB reader. Works for multiple inputs, in a phone, in a laptop, easily destroyed in an emergency while still being waterproof, and can be huge capacity

  4. I really like both kits. On the first one, there are small, cylindrical battery banks, roughly the size of a lipstick tube.

  5. The dice got me sold on making myself one of these kits… Now how do I fit the players handbook in a satchel like that?

  6. Everyone hating on Jason for rolling a d12 and calling it a d20: I can almost guarantee you he knows what he's talking about, he just wasn't paying attention until the very last shot.
    I'm a semi-regular DM and I distinctly remember accidentally grabbing a d12 instead of a d20 in a hurry. We had to download an app once I was there.
    So yeah, Jason, I know the feels, bro.

  7. What a bunch of shit! You seriously carry all that crap around? When was the last time you used half that crap? Also…a slim Jim has been mainly useless for about 15 years…

  8. Guitar string for cutting fish hooks cumpus magnafiglass, pinch of yeast , for brewing wine 🍷, rubber strips ,for slingshot

  9. 4:49 "as any gamer knows, you dont just carry one d20. if that ones no working, you gotta have a backup."
    proceeds to take out a d12

  10. I'd say A-. Because you'd need to cut your hair for a duster to conserve the powder mute colored sticky notes for a smaller notebook when combined with tape.

  11. 13:53 you could also substitute the sd card for a MICRO sd in an adapter so you could possibly hack/copypasta/upload something smaller, say… somebody's smartphone.

  12. I was so happy when you pulled out the USB so I couldn't consider the first EDC completely useless (I mean there was more useful stuff in there, but still).

  13. Slip a little bit of fishing line (like two feet rolled up) in the tin if you can. Lotta uses for fishing line. Or piano Wire if you wanna be a bit more nefarious.

  14. Listen up kids, lock picking tools are burglary tools and cops will charge you for having them almost always. Really fucking stupid and reckless advice here dickheads.

  15. so basically every EDC kit I've ever seen anybody make is based on some fantasy life that they would like to live but actually don't….

  16. I give Jason's EDC kit an 80%; some parts weren't used to their full extent, BUT, the other thing is just how creative can you get with what's in it. That's what a rogue does best. Improvise, and be resourceful.
    There's no substitute for building your own EDC kit, because only you know what you use daily.
    That altoids kit is so small, and full of great stuff, you can literally pack several of them to leave in places you'll go to in an emergency. Car, house, coats/jackets, trailer, cottage, boat, in your bug out bags ('cause you should have more than one in various locations too), fake rocks in the garden. Alter as needed.

    "A sudden surge in Altoid sales sweeps the world.."

  17. This isn't my bailiwick, but I don't think swapping out the SIM card is sufficient to 'burn' a phone. The phone will still have the same IMEI.

  18. Thank you! I’m working on packing my entire writing office into a backpack and this gave me some good ideas. I have a small stainless steel 32g verbatim on my keychain (because ‘the cloud’ never works, well not always). I love credit card sized gadgets (saw a folding knife on another site) as well. I’m not an RPG player so I’d substitute 4 sided dice and become a roving craps game. lol and thanks for the name of the molle bag.

  19. I would have substituted the hot glue to a bit of hi tack the stuff they use for hanging posters. works the same as the hot glue but faster as you don't need to heat it up.

  20. The new phone number is too easy to track, all you need is the phone's IMEI which is registered with the other SIM's calls. Track the IMEI and boom, you got the other SIM.

  21. sd card is a better option when you are being "Rogue"ish over a usb because most ppl dont use the slot and since it is normally hidden when in the device, most ppl will not notices it is there "doing its thing…" (Insert Nefarious laugh here LOL…)

  22. Given that the theme is rogue I get the item choices, but for practicality sake…. (and I actually had an altiods edc in college) Poke a hole in one end and attach a fob made of macrame paracord. 4ft. Switch the SD card to an sd adapter, with micro sd. Add a micro sd to usb adapter as well. Zip ties, they are versatile, small and invaluable. A needle wrapped in thread. It came in handy more often that I believed possible. A condom, because you would rather have one and not need it than need it and not have it. Switch the duct tape for electrical tape. Not as wide, but you get a longer length for volume and it's stretchy.

    The gentlemanly side of the thing… I had a couple of emergency breath mints, and a beer lid full of deodorant wrapped in aluminum foil, and a swiss army fingernail clipper/multitool.

  23. 14:20
    4 – SD Card – there are SD card / USB stick combos as well
    10 – Handcuff key – it is a standard one, might want to replace with the Toool universal handcuff key

  24. You could have saved room in the larger bag by omitting the multi tool case and swapping the lock pick kit for the smaller one, which may provide enough space to add some of the unique tools from the smaller kit to the larger one. Also, you can find small ‘travel cords’ which take up less room. All in all, I give you a B+

  25. Thanks youtube algorithm, now I am certainly on some kind of "suspicious people" list. I mean, spot on for interests, but still…

  26. Modern Rogue: The show for nerds who watch waaay too many movies and prepare themselves for situations you will never ever get in while sitting at your computer all day.

  27. 1:15 thumbs up for showing the money in Swedish croens and a lot of other currencys (ur the first Youtuber I have seen thats not from sweden that does that)

  28. In Ireland any guy found to be carrying this utter self-absorbed, "so just to clarify you imagine you're such an edgy badass spy manchild that you need to carry a burner phone a dice?", would completely deservedly have the absolute shit kicked out of him and suffer a lifetime of ridicule all the while never ever get laid.

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