Building the Future

[discordant piano notes] Every day, there are millions of futures
waiting to be built. Each one starts with a spark a moment of inspiration slowly growing brighter over time. Come on…
[knock at door] Hey Cleo, we’re gonna be late for the party. One minute! But when we share our ideas and work together to solve common challenges something amazing happens. Something that sparks others to create
new applications new ideas new innovations we can only begin to imagine solving real problems larger than ourselves building the future together. [classical piano music] [applause]

31 Replies to “Building the Future”

  1. Great video, is amazing how the people with creativity can help build a better world and a better future.

  2. So inspiring, thank you guys for creating this magnificent GitHub.This line is awesome "when we work together something amazing happens"

  3. i keep playing this video again and again, every time i cry idk why <3 microsoft always makes the best inspiration videos

  4. This is the most inspirational video I've ever seen!!!! This is amazing. I'm going back to school at 28 and my professor told me to create a Github account! This is amazing! I cant wait to be apart of this world!!!

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