Can architecture behave like an organism? | LUMEN (360 VR Video) Part 1 of 4 | AT THE MUSEUM

A fundamental question for me in my work is
how architecture can, perhaps, behave more like an organism. And so, for me, at the beginning of the proposal
for Lumen and its conception, I was very interested in developing a project that that allowed
for multiple experiences and transformations, and, really, in the end, celebrates human
engagement and change. If you look above up to the canopy, you can
see a whole series of different size cells, or what we’re calling, windows. And then also within the canopy are an array
of stalactite conical forms that are suspended at various lengths. Now, each of these is individually digitally
knit by Sheima Seiki, who I’ve been working with for about six years now, innovating this
particular material system, which I invented in 2012. And the threads that we’re using include
two high-tech responsive fibers, which include solar-active fibers. And so if you look above on a sunny day, all
of the colors that you’re seeing are induced by the presence of the sun. What you’re viewing currently is about week
three of our installation process, installation and construction. And what you’re looking at is over a million
yards of thread, which is a lot. The large canopy is installed. It’s a little bit lower than it will actually
be in its final completed state. And depending on what time of day or night
that you visit and engage the project, you’ll have a different experience both in terms
of the high-tech fibers that are changing color and glowing and emitting light, but
also in terms of the sensing system and our misting system that will create a kind of
cooling microclimate, as you wander through the canopy and the various groves of cones.

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