Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??

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  1. Of course I would build my own, but it would need a split format and I'd want to choose my own keycaps and angles.

  2. a keyboard that can do everything except being a good keyboard. rgb lights gradients microphone sound display. too small lacks keys unreliable assembling leading to damage

  3. *reads title* uh of course you can how else do they make keyboards, do you expect keyboards to make themselves?

  4. live show sent me to watch this, i arrived and see the Down thumb is already blue meaning i disliked this video a Long time ago.
    wasting my time again.

  5. Linus, please, pretty please, put your phone somewhere outside of the room when you're filming. The nervous twitch of you checking your device is still in the pocket is, er, distracting. Ta!

  6. Cherry is "alright" compared to some of what's out there now. Cherry's linear (red/black) and tactile bump (brown/clear) switches feel "scratchy" compared to the more premium lines of switches that Gateron manufactures (ones designed by Zeal PC, or the Gateron Ink or Cream switches), and their clicky (blue/green) switches use a click jacket method. The sound with clicky switches is subjective, but if you want a more sharp click rather than the plasticky sound from a click jacket, Kailh Box clicky switches use a nice click bar.

    Hako is another premium brand I haven't been able to try for myself, but the community raves over tactile "Holy Pandas", which used to be something you frankensteined together yourself with two different switches, but is now available on Drop (Massdrop). Basically everything else is available on Novelkeys. Just thought I'd make an informative, no-snark comment for newcomers to this hobby so they're aware of the possibilities we have in this sort of renaissance for mech keyboards. If you're spending this much on a stinking keyboard, you might as well treat yourself to some really nice switches!

  7. I watched this video and ended up getting a gk64 and sold it a month later in favor of a keyboard that supports QMK. If the thought of writing your own macros and customizing the layout or led animations interests you at all, then get something that supports QMK. I suggest the Massdrop Alt or the Massdrop Ctrl. Hot swappable switches, full rgb, and QMK.

  8. Currently working on converting my Logitech G15 that my Dad found at the dump to mechanical switches. Just n3d to map out the traces on the membrane and design a pcb for it now

  9. to be honest, i find this video quite misleading, especially price breakdown. Something that's around midrange off the shelf keyboard like linus has built here shouldn't cost nearly that much. Here's imo a more reasonable price breakdown:

    case: kbd tofu / 5 degree – $90
    plate: alu / pc plate – $20
    pcb: kbd6x / dz60rgb hs – $40~55
    switches: gat red/yellow/ink, kailh box/pro/cream, outemu sky – $20~55
    stabilizers: GMK stab – $13
    keycaps: anything but probs not GMK – $20~80
    lube (optional): 205/3204 – $5
    springs (optional): cherry, sprit, or whatever – $9~13
    films (optional): TX films – $5

    these parts make the total to be around $200~360, the one that linus build is a lot closer to $200 side than $360 side. Also keep in mind that if willing to forgo expensive keycaps and get a plastic case, you can build a keyboard with as low as $110. (tada68 kit with gat switches, which is still a very very nice keyboard btw).

    mech keebs is not a cheap hobby, but you can still be cost conscious in it. the hobby is less of a cost saving measure when getting keyboard, more of getting exactly the feel and look you want.

  10. Keyboard from ikea? For me "build your own" mean build from peaces of metal and plastic, not like build again something what already fit.

  11. Yes I will I can make my own case (I love to make guitars so I have all the tools and skills like sanding and stuff) and I have some extra of my friends switches around I can ask him about good stuff to order so I don’t have to research

  12. So many cost cuts could be made. the extra springs arent needed, a cheaper case is so easy to find, and they WAY over payed for their switches. a set of 70 browns can be found for like 30 bucks or less

  13. …why stock cherry mx

    Here’s a list of better switch types than those expensive pieces of shit

    •Kailh Box
    • Holy Pandas
    • Gateron/Otemu/Kailh Red, Blue, or Browns (They’re way less expensive but similar quality)

    Also lube them, it might take a bit of time but it’ll be VERY worth it

  14. Smh.. didn’t even

    Lube the switches
    Lube the stabilisers
    Clip the stabilisers
    Bandaid mod the stabilisers
    Put foam under the PCB

  15. All I want is a stiffer, clicker, more tactile switch than the MX greens. Is that really too much to ask? I mean, my space bar is indistinguishable and light!

  16. Luke?
    Do you want to build a keyboard?
    Use any switches that you like!
    It could be with some Cherry MX springs
    Or countless other things!
    Come on and take the ride!

    We used to use stock keyboards
    But now we don't
    I think you can guess why

    Do you want to build a keyboard?
    Kind of has to be a keyboard

    Go away Linus!

    Ok bye….

  17. If you are going to build a mechanical keyboard you really need to lube the switches, lube the stabilizers, and get some really great switches (Gateron inks, Zealios, Zilents, Holy pandas) to make it worth it.

  18. 7:08

    Well that's not a proper 60% then.

    A proper 60 will just chop off all keys above and all keys to the right of the backspace key. The key caps should retain the same size and dimensions as a full size keyboard.

    All the of the "removed" keys are hidden beneath a function layer, similar to what laptops often use.

    Looks like you got 70/75 percent if your shift is small and 'delete' is still on it.

  19. screwing down….where is the hole…….there is some wiggle room…grab the stiffer one……O isn't working………its bent right over

  20. Still look back at this with some disappointment. Really should've called upon the resident keyboard snob. Custom shell, board and so forth.. uses expensive bog standard cherry's. At that price, could've just brought the CTRL and swapped the switches out. Or been smart and just buy Khails. Its alot cheaper than this to build your own dream keyboard.

  21. Ok so he is completely right about this hobby being a rabbit hole for money (keycult rev 2 is £2000 just for case and PCB) however he has gone about it completely wrong. So firstly his keycaps are just simple Lazer etched abs caps that are OEM profile. Max 30 for them they really are not good. Then all the extra springs are not necessarily only if you're opening the switches which at that point you may as well be lubing them. And the Mx browns, $10 for 10 he is being ripped of their. Max they should be is $5 for 10. 10 for 10 is what zilents are which are a lot better and smoother them Mx browns. finally the case isn't necessary experience. Iv found ally cases for under 50. Honestly a little bit of research on websites like kbdfans and kprepublic 360 will get you alot better than this. This one he's built is in reality about 100 too much. I do understand where people come from saying it is way too expensive tho

  22. You could also put together a gmmk or gk61 and make full custom keyboard in a way that is simple and non-time consuming for around 120 or less. If you want to go full custom like this keyboard there are a lot of places here to cut corners and you could get the cost well under 200 dollars if you tried.

  23. i bought an a•jazz ak33, black/black/white. then ordered 3мм red, 3мм yellow candle flame LEDs, and 150Ω SMD resistors. finished off with CNC stacked plexi case. i love how it looks and feels, and didn't need to rape my piggy to get it. Does anyone know where to find doubleshot PBT black pudding keycaps with cyrillic letters?

  24. Lol Linus is so stupid.

    Spends $55 alone on different spring weights? WHY? Who uses 3 different spring types in their build? And then he doesn't even show any of these springs being swapped. If you're going to with something as vanilla as Brown switches, but add different springs to change their feel, you may as well just get entirely different switches.

    $70 for Cherry MX Brown Switches? WHY? KBDFans literally sell 68 Cherry MX Brown switches for $23.

    That's literally $102 saved for not being a retarded chuckle fuck, making this build total only $254.
    Swap the Tina for a Tofu, and you've saved another $32 for a total of $222.

    Leave the keyboards to keyboard enthusiasts, Linus. You're much better about ranting about phones or your office network projects.

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