Center for Infrastructure Renewal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Welcome to this ceremony to celebrate
the ribbon-cutting for the Center for Infrastructure Renewal. When infrastructure is a part of the national conversation and has never been more important to our state and to our country. This facility and this project is the most innovative project in higher education. Not just in Texas, but in the
entire United States. The CIR is the first center of its kind to be built in the southern United States and the timing could not be better. This will
ensure that Texas is at the forefront of infrastructure renaissance and that our
citizens have the very best materials and construction techniques for these
important investments in the future of our great state. The Center for Infrastructure Renewal, and everyone in it, is going to be dedicated to saving Texas, and eventually our
nation, billions of dollars. It brings together two of our great institutions, TEES and TTI. It’s going to be available to students, faculty and
researchers from all eleven universities, seven state agencies and every
university in the country and every agency in the country as well. This venture, The Center for Infrastructure Renewal, will lead the research and development of new technologies and will be a beacon for our future growth. I have
the honor of representing this community and this project, but what I really like
is having the bragging rights that come with it. I cannot wait to share the
future successes with my colleagues in the Legislature. It is the right vision for Texas and the nation. This facility is already going to pay
itself off fifty and a hundred times for the Texas taxpayer, and when you look at
what you see here with improvements in concrete and asphalt and drones doing
surveys of bridges, destructive testing of materials, you’ve got a fantastic
program already started here. We have added ten million people. That
puts a strain on our infrastructure since the year 2000. We’re expected to
add 15 million more by the year 2040. That means from 2000 to 2040, we will have grown from 18 million to 42 million people. Infrastructure is key. This was a
good idea, but to walk here today, literally two years plus after that
conversation on the floor and the idea that the Dean had. After walking through
here, I know this is an investment that’s going to pay great dividends to the
university, to other universities, to the country, to the state of Texas. It’s going
to make the infrastructure more efficient for us, more affordable for
us and safer for us. So, this is a great day. It’s great to be here and Gig ‘Em.
Thank You all very much.

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