COE STEM construction

Greetings from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg College of Education I’m Allyson Watson Dean of the College of Education and today we invite you to an exciting construction project that we have going on for the STEM INQ Lab We saw a vision two years ago and just last year when I came on as Dean we helped realize that vision with the voices Of the community and the K-12 partners that we serve Behind me is an exciting renovation that’s happening for our STEM Inquiry Lab We will be doing inquiry based learning experiential learning practices and training for teachers leaders and the developers of human potential that we see here in this community in Pinellas County and abroad We know that science technology engineering and mathematics are key Components to developing our future and we take that very seriously. So at the University of South, Florida St. Petersburg in the College of Education Future teacher’s future counselors future developers educational leaders will come here and experience STEM integrated through every part of their curriculum Behind me. We are going to have an amazing state-of-the-art innovative stem lab with a Secondary lab right next to it We want to make sure that if you’re a community member if you are representing the business community if you are a parent We want you to know that the USF College of Education is very excited about what we’re going to do as a possibility Experiential learning is one of our number one priorities and we know that by setting up this lab and offering it as an outreach Opportunity for K-12 schools for parents for teachers it is going to have endless possibilities Just this summer, we launched our first ever inaugural STEM camp for fifth through eighth graders and we want to do that even more we plan on integrating the practices that our future teachers learn and Developing partnerships with not only Pinellas County Schools, but schools in the surrounding areas We look forward to seeing you here and we welcome you to become a part of our STEM INQ Lab here at USF St. Petersburg in the College of Education Go, Bulls!

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