Construction Consultant Story: Using SMART Boards to Compete Globally

My name is David Robinson. I’m the managing director of IBSECAD. We’re a BIM consultancy to the construction
industry. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. What we do is we create a building in the
virtual world before it goes to site. We’re working with design teams, architects,
structural engineers, M&E services engineers, the
builders and the trades to create a building in a virtual
world before it gets to site. We’re then there to work with the client to
keep it for its full life cycle. Now, traditionally the construction industry
works through the communication medium of drawings. So, we leave cumbersome, large bits of paper
everywhere. Now, because of the number of people involved
there, and the different people working on different
elements, architects doing his bit, M&E services guy doing his bit,
builder doing his bit, and they’re working in their
different places, they need to get together to have workshops
in a collaborative approach. That was done traditionally by getting around
the table, and pouring over drawings all day long,
spilling coffee on them, making markups, big red-line drawings, and
this became a contractual document. This was very laborious, time consuming, and
difficult to get all the right people around the table at the right time as well,
so it is an inefficient process. IBSECAD is a forward-thinking company, and
we’re always looking for ways and the latest innovation ideas to improve
our service to our clients. We’re always looking for ways to save our
clients time and money, and make a project run more smoothly and effectively. We’ve found using SMART Board interactive
whiteboards was a perfect means of doing that, in terms of we could allow anybody that needed to be at the workshops, remote access from their
desktops, from their iPads, or from their iPhones on
site. They could dial into the meeting for the bits
that they are required to, so they didn’t need to lose a whole day in travel to get there
just for their half-hour slot. They could dial in when needed. But, they can also input, too. Through our SMART Board, they can actually
interact, put their comments on and it’s saved to an email in an
instant. An example of a specific project where
this was absolutely paramount to our delivery of this project was the
University Medical Center in New Orleans. This is a $700 million project so you can imagine the number of people involved with this, and the number of
meetings, the number of inputs that need to go into this information before it actually goes
to site. So there was a number of meetings happening on
a daily basis. Now, we need to be part of most of those, and
in order to do that remotely from overseas, the only way
for us to deliver it was the SMART Board solution. Without it, we would not have been able to service this project remotely or from
overseas. We just simply wouldn’t have been able to
attend all those meetings. It would have been cost prohibitive for the amount of flights, let alone the carbon
footprint. SMART Board interactive whiteboards have
made IBSECAD a much more efficient, streamlined
business. It has allowed us to work in marketplaces we
might not have been able to do quite so quickly. It has given our clients a level of service that surpasses our

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