Construction Site Update

We’re on The Box construction site in Plymouth.
We’ve been on site for approximately two years now.
Everyone’s pulling together now for an end goal – for completion and handover for a spring
2020 opening from Plymouth City Council to align with the Mayflower 400 celebrations. We’re now stood in the old Museum atrium with the old entrance off of North Hill behind
us. We’re in the process of taking off all the protection that we had to put on, covering
the historic fabric of the building which we’re now in the process of re-instating
back to its former glory from when it was first opened over 100 years ago. This is St Luke’s. It’s the site of an old church which we’re in the process of
restoring. It’s going to be a contemporary art gallery. We’re retaining a lot of the
existing original features with new mezzanine floors. Currently at the moment we’re stood in the ‘Wow Space’ – so over my shoulder there
this will be where the new main entrance is: just coming in from down on the side just
down there. The idea being that you walk in and everybody just says ‘Wow!’
As a local guy from Plymouth I think this is something that the city really needs. A
lot of my family and friends, they’re all really keen to see the finished result. I
know a lot of the supply chain on site are right up for it as well. They really want to do
a good job for the city and make it what it actually can be, which will be a fantastic
place to meet and come and have a look around the galleries.

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