Dentures & Bridges : Flexible Partial Dentures Reviews

So are you interested in knowing the different
reviews regarding a flexible partial denture? Well my name is Michelle and I’m a dental
assistance with Solutionz and we are going to talk today about the pros when it comes
to a flexible partial denture. Basically this is what a partial denture looks like. It is
called partial denture because it is only replacing part of your teeth in your mouth,
only the ones that you are missing and flexible because the acrylic is half based, it is 50%
acrylic and then 50% of a rubber based material which in return hence it gets its name flexible.
What is, it is great because there is a lot less adjusting with a flexible partial denture
than there is with an acrylic because an acrylic is much harder and with a flexible one it
actually flexes to fit your mouth so you don’t have to keep going back to your general dentist
and getting adjustments done all the time in order to form it to fit into your mouth.
It actually just basically custom fits itself to your mouth. The type of base material that
is on a partial denture, it heats up with the warmth of your mouth and then therefore
becomes a lot more pliable and flexible so there is a lot less adjustments. Also too
there is a lot less times that you have to go see the dentist. Plus too you can actually
choose a different kind of color of the acrylic so therefore it can match the shade of the
gums in your mouth. Then basically it is a lot more comfortable to wear and it is a lot
easier to get used to because you will not tend to get as many sore spots as you would
with an acrylic denture so basically the pros when it comes to a flexible partial denture
is it fits a lot better and there is a lot less down time for you when it comes to getting
a new flexible partial denture. Once again my name is Michelle and I’m a dental assistant
with Solutionz and I just explained to you the different reviews on a flexible partial

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