Diggerland USA: A Construction Theme Park For Kids!

Diggerland is the country’s only
construction adventure theme park. My name is Ilya Girlya,
I am the co-president and CEO of Diggerland USA here in West Berlin New Jersey.
Diggerland sits on 20 acres of land and each attraction has its own area
that is confined so that you can drive equipment safely in a controlled
environment. We have over 25 attractions here that boys and girls can
try along with parents and grandparents. So we have pioneered the ability for
kids to drive machines such as Ventracs skid steers, dumper trucks, we have
scissor lifts that we operate, we have mini excavators, midsize excavators that
they dig in. We’ve got rock walls, ropes courses, zip lines, but our primary focus
is on construction themed adventures. I really do think it inspires
kids I think it gives them an appreciation of the skill set required
to drive these machines. So many times kids get off of various machines and
they say that was harder than I thought. Even the parents have fun. They get
on the machines themselves and they’ve said I’ve always wanted to try one I
didn’t think it would be this fun or enjoyable and say I could not believe
that my kid drove a skid steer, or my kid drove a Ventrac, or my kid was pulled
by a machine. So we make that dream become a reality here. We’ve introduced
this year the Ventrac 3400. It’s a great addition to our fleet. Kids love the fact
that they can drive this fun looking machine within a closed cab. It looks
like a little robot and they can actually experience what the Ventrac is
used for in different elements of the real construction world,
landscaping world. They love the fact that it’s an enclosed cab that makes it
feel bigger. Makes them feel like they’re in command of the experience. We’ve
also introduced the Ventrac 4500 as a fun ride for our barrel train for the
little kids and the little kids love the fact that this machine just looks wow
factor. It’s got four wheels on each side chrome hubcaps it’s got a real unique
attachment on the front for cutting grass and parents really are a awe when
they see the 4500 because it’s so different. It just looks fun. It looks
different and it’s very powerful when it drives around you can hear the size of
the engine and its really neat when it pulls our barrel train. We have challenged diggers where the
skill set is to play bowling on one of our machines and then we have real
excavators that you’re digging in these real machines that are used everyday
in various trades. Then we have some really really fun rides. So the Spindizzy is
a 25-ton excavator and it holds nine people in the front of the bucket. We
spin you around at almost a 1g force in rotational circles. It’s a fun ride. It’s
a really unique experience. We’ve also introduced this year our Soaring Eagle
Zipline. It’s a great two-person zipline. And unheard of where you can actually
sit next to someone at the same time. Two people, it takes you 700 feet back to 130
feet in the air. Super fun experience. We have something
called Diggerland XL which is an experience for folks that are 18 and
over. That experience is a one to one opportunity to drive real heavy
machinery unrestricted. We have a lot of senior citizens I say I’ve always wanted
to drive an excavator it’s a bucket list item. We call it an exotic experience. They come here and we’re able to fulfill that. We keep looking at new rides to
introduce and innovate into. We’re constantly tinkering and inventing rides
and working with our mechanical engineers to come up with what’s next
what’s safe what’s exciting.

23 Replies to “Diggerland USA: A Construction Theme Park For Kids!”

  1. That's sooo COOL!! I never knew something like Digger Land existed! I just might have to add DL on my short bucket list!!!!!

  2. Great video Ventrac, I am going to have to go and visit this place and go and have fun at 21 years old at Digger Land!

  3. With the shortage of operators this is a good thing most people fear operating a machine now days.
    Thank you to all that made this work.

  4. Is this also part of digger land in the UK part of H. E SERVICES GROUP as I work for H. E SERVICES and its same as are digger land parks

  5. This is actually a really good thing! Hopefully many kids will be inspired to become heavy machinery operators when they grow up!

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