Eiffage Construction accélère sa transformation numérique avec FINALCAD

The initial idea was to immediately use FINALCAD to follow the quality of our projects. I was lucky to work on the jobsite with a lot of young people such as interns, so for them it was very intuitive. Moving from paper to software was quite easy. As far as I am concerned, I never used tablets on site before. Even a intern was able to use it after one minute ! It’s a very convenient tool allowing us to communicate in real time with multiple stakeholders. There is a clear gain in quality with respect to snags during the handover phase. We are able to work collaboratively on a same appartment since a synchronisation is done. We have the blueprints, we know how to get things done. It’s a really convenient tool for snagging on the go. It saves huge amounts of time for the site manager in the distribution of snags to the subcontractors because everything is done almost instantly.
And we immediately get a formatted list already showing subcontractor info,
the snag, the location the picture. I think that our site managers save at least half a day or a day per week during handover. As of today, it’s the simplest way I know to create lists and communicate them to all our subcontractors. FINALCAD can also be used by our subcontractors directly on their tablet if they have one, or on their iPhone.
We’re completely autonomous, we don’t depend anymore on the contractor who tells us what to do. And we were delighted to see that painting, tiling, and all trades subconstractors very quickly adopted the app on their smartphone. This allowed us to quickly measure the amount of snags per company. We also figure out quickly the reactivity level of the companies we know which ones are reactive, which ones are not. This also allows us to know exactly how many snags we covered. It’s a real database of the remaining work. We’re in the middle of a digital era, and the jobsite should be too A few years ago we got computers, now we begin to see tablets appear on jobsites. Today I think this is clearly something mandatory to move our way of working forward. I think we could also use it for structural work since the methodology is the same. Within the Eiffage Group, we can’t miss the digital transformation, we have no other choice, it’s the future of the construction. The teams are ready to use this kind of tool. Not far from now, even on the smallest of projects, we will systematically use digital tools Our objective on the 2020 horizon, is to get rid of paper and have everything on tablets. FINALCAD is clearly a tool that will allow us to work with our subcontractors in the same direction. We will continue to use it, but this time we’ll start from the intial work monitoring. I even can’t imagine going backwards and work on a next jobsite without the app.

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