Emmy Winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge Full Press Room Speech | THR

– [Interviewer] Hi Phoebe,
in the kind of center here. – Hi. – Congratulations on all the wins.
– Thank you. – [Interviewer] Does this inspire you? You had said this was
the end of “Fleabag,” there would be no more “Fleabag.” Given all the reaction
and all the love for it, is it possible we might see more? – (laughs) To be honest, this just feels like the most beautiful, beautiful way to say goodbye to it, actually. And it feels like, as Shawn
always puts it so beautifully, it does feel like the story is complete. And even though it is, you know, it’s so nice to hear that
so many people loved it. It feels like oh dammit, maybe she shouldn’t have
waved goodbye at the end. But it does feel right,
it does feel right. And go out on a high, you
can’t get higher than this. – [Interviewer] Thank you. – [Interviewer] Congratulations
on all your Emmys. – Where are you?
– Over here. – Oh hi, thanks. – [Interviewer] Audiences
have really loved you in this character. How much of this character is really you, and also how does it feel to be considered the voice of the modern-day woman? (Phoebe laughs) – Wow, that sounds great, thanks. How much of it is me? It’s not autobiographical but
it’s really, really personal. I feel this character did come out of me, and at the very beginning,
when I first started writing, I was feeling quite cynical and
quite bleak about the world, and writing her was a really cathartic way of getting through that. But she’s absolutely a part of me but she’s every single person here, she’s a part of everyone here and everyone here put a
part of themselves into her. So it feels like it’s all of us now. – [Michelle] Hi, Michelle from Fox. – Hi. – [Michelle] The priest storyline, where did that come from? Did you actually sleep with a priest? Did you have a crush on a priest? I mean, it was so fantastic. – Thanks, usually I’m a big
fan of write what you know, but in this case
(Michelle laughs) it wasn’t so on the nose. No, I’d known that I wanted to write about religion and faith, and then Jenny, my story producer, her and I were kicking
things around for ages and really the more that
faith came into the equation and the more we felt
like she needed to have something change in her, the idea that Fleabag falling in love and then this idea of faith and then in the middle somewhere
this incredible man appears and then Andrew walked into that space and everything started making sense. And the character, as I
was molding the character, I was very, very inspired by Andrew and his own heart and hotness, to be fair. (cast laugh) – [Interviewer] Phoebe, congratulations on all your wins.
– Thank you. – [Interviewer] Can you talk about the win for Lead Actress in a Comedy against Rachel Brosnahan who won last year and then Julia Louis-Dreyfus who won 20 years before that
every year for “Veep,” or at least five.
(Phoebe laughs) – Yeah, I mean, those actresses have been such a huge part
of my viewing enjoyment and I’ve been so inspired by them. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I’ve been watching for all of those wins. And “Veep,” I studied “Veep,” from a performance point of view as well but also from a writing point of view. And just being amongst those
women is extraordinary, and to be even part, I feel
like I’ve come in the back door and I’ve nicked something. (laughs) It’s the honest trust. But yeah, it feels very, very special. (Phoebe laughs) – [Charlie] Hi, I’m Charlie
from Showbiz Express, right down here in front. – Hi.
– Congratulations everybody. It seems like there could be
a lot of ad-libbing going on and a lot of retakes. Can you just take us into the world when the cameras start filming? How scripted is it, how serious is it? With the playing with the fourth wall it just looks like
you’re all having a ball and I just wanted to step into that world. – Do you guys wanna? – It’s a real good fest. I mean, it’d be really like. – Come, you can, it is,
it is, come and talk. – Yeah, no, it’s totally scripted and it’s very tightly shot
and we do it very fast, yeah. I mean, you want to get
her words perfectly. – There is quite a lot
of last-minute changes. And as all of these guys know, once we’re on set there’s
always a moment which is it might change this last minute, and the energy and the
commitment to this whole cast is to jump in and do it. So it’s every, yeah, it’s a kind of. Yeah, I don’t know. (mumbles) – [Steve] Phoebe, if I could ask you, right here just to your left, right here. – Hi.
– Congratulations. Steve Futterman from CBS News. I wanted to ask you the
acceptance of the program, that’s always, will it
work across the pond? Many have, many have not, some great British shows, performers, have just not made it here. Was there concern, and
when did you realize it was going to work in the US? – I felt, I mean, I didn’t
realize it before at all. It was always a surprise. I mean, when Amazon picked
us up, that was huge. And it was Joe, Joe Lewis here, who found us and picked
us up and brought us over. And Amazon’s enthusiasm
gave us a lot of faith. But then this feeling, the rolling feedback from
it as it was coming out, and just the relief knowing
that this is a universal thing. ‘Cause I strongly believe that
if things are truly funny, they should be funny
for everyone everywhere, and truly moving, they should be moving
for everyone everywhere. So it was a great relief
that we actually landed in a way that felt more universal. – [Steve] And when you look at some of the great American comedies that have just won this award
all throughout the years, the “Seinfeld,” I don’t
know if you ever heard of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” – Yeah, of course. – [Steve] Those shows
have won over the years, and to be in that group right now. – Yeah, I mean, it’s the
thing that dreams are made of and it’s the thing that you secretly, at the back of your head, I was watching those shows and growing up with
those shows just thinking how much you’re absorbing
and learning from them all. And then to share a stage with them, it’s a huge moment for me in my life, and to be doing it with such
great friends and collaborators is just wonderful. – [Woman] We have time
for two more questions. – [Interviewer] Phoebe, one of the things that made “Fleabag” stand
out, right over here. Right here.
– Oh okay thanks. – [Interviewer] One of the things that made “Fleabag” stand out is just how expertly you channeled a level of frustration for
women in the world right now, a level of professional and educated women that are just not finding
the perfect happiness that maybe they grew up thinking
that they were gonna find if they could have a career and family. How did the circumstances of the world, the craziness in the US, Brexit in the UK, did any of that influence the worldview that “Fleabag” came to season two with? – Strangely, no. (laughs) I mean, yes, of course, ’cause
I was absorbing everything. But really it was we were trying to build from the inside out with this series, and it was very much
about a character piece. And even though there’s so much
that is political about it, it was really about one person’s journey, and always has to be. And even though she’s
occupying the modern world as it is now, it’s really
about how hard it is for somebody who hates
themselves to fall in love. And hopefully that is
relevant across all times. Yeah, I think that’s. – [Interviewer] Phoebe. Hi, to you all, congratulations. – Thank you. – [Interviewer] Do you feel like this year you got discovered, or this season you got discovered? The first season, you had devoted fans. But then all of a sudden, you could feel the country or the viewers getting a crush on this show. That’s a funny way to put it, but they were all telling each other. What was it, something that filled up, was it the second season,
was it a surprise to you? – I don’t know. I mean, yeah, it was
a huge, huge surprise. We’d all hit the ground
running with the second season ’cause we knew where
we’d come from before, and so there was this
energy on set immediately. And bringing Andrew in who was this new, fresh character in it. And there was this momentum for all of us so we really, really believed in it. But then hearing, it was
the word-of-mouth stuff that just kills me. Knowing that people have said, “I’ve told my friend and
my friend told their friend “and my whole family’s watching,” ’cause that’s stuff that’s really special because it moves people to tell them. And the press have been so amazing and writing all these
incredible pieces on it. It did feel like a tidal wave, didn’t it? Just hitting us all. And actually here, ’cause
it lands as one thing, one bingeable thing here, whereas in the UK it was
spread out over six weeks. So it sort of landed and there was this explosion of response and there was kind of shock
waves to it. (chuckles)

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  1. hollywood likes to pick their political identity crisis issues and market them as qualified or accurate artistic expressions quite often, but ill admit i dont know if thats the case here, based simply on indifference. i know america is deprived of too much of the entertainingly enlightened examples that hollwood has created and could command, but i also know their industry influence and leadership with less than handful of exceptions is synonymous with a lying ford flopped intern impeached clinton scam press, and their priorities. so well see. lol.

  2. This is literally my favourite comedy series ever, sooo excited it won as much awards as it deserved!! Prepare to see Phoebe's writing everywhere because she is SO GOOD!!

  3. I absolutely love PWB and FLEABAG (and Killing Eve 😉 , I think it's sooo brilliant, I'm just a little irritated by some of the American journalists' questions/allusions… If you are honoured as a non-American you just HAVE to be in awe because of the great American actors before you…? Considering the long (British) theatre tradition it just seems a little arrogant…As if there are only "real" actors and "iconic" shows made in the US… It seems asking interesting questions is quite difficult even for professional journalists…. Anyway, well deserved Phoebe!!!!

  4. So overrated, Fleabag is a borefest. Well done everyone you've lifted her up so she can get out of inner city London and escape to the leafy home counties so she doesn't have to be a miserable, anxiety ridden middle class twot away from the hoodies, with knife crime on the streets. ra-ra rah ! the middle classes in the UK fight to live another day …

  5. An absolutely 20th century genius, I loveeeee everything these people do! PWB is incredible! LOVE Fleabag and Killing Eve and cant wait to see what else she comes up with!

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