Four City Brewing – Episode 3: “Building the Taproom”

♪♪♪ We are doing this Indiegogo, to raise money for our taproom, and part of the reason that we need your help, is because this is going to be a place that you’re going to share with us. So the more you give to us, the more you’ll enjoy drinking great beer in a place that you helped build. A percentage of our Indiegogo and the money that we raise will go to a local organization in Orange, a not for profit that we believe in, because we believe that giving back is essential to this brewery being a success. We want to make it your taproom so we want to customize some things. Some of the incentives might be that you get your own fermenter, or your own bar stool, or your own chair or table. We want it to be from the community, for the community, with the community. Come help us out! Click below. And we’ll see you at the taproom. Cheers!

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