Halloween Horror Nights 9 vlog! Scare zones, carnival and houses construction progress!

Dejiki: Welcome to HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 9 BEFORE DARK Presented by DEJIKI. (Think I better not do this again lol) I’m at the DEATH FEST scare zone They’ve already done quite a bit of setup, even though it’s about, maybe a month to go? Apart from the two pillars you saw just now, the only other props on the street is this stage (and) this giant wheel and chain contraption There’s probably not going to be so (many) props on the street because they’re gonna have the DEATH FEST LIVE A procession around the park (on PEAK nights only) And that will probably take up a lot of space and they’ll need to manage the crowds too Right in front now, this is the stage for DEATH FEST, live shows I guess And possibly the opening scaremony will be held here Since the stage at Hollywood lagoon is non-existent at this point This is a massive stage with lots of levels and lights and fog machines The fact that now the opening act might be held at New York will change the GAME~ The Game of Express (Pass) If everyone’s going to be at New York obviously the rope drop will be there and You will most of y’all can just run in three directions You can run to CURSE OF THE NAGA or to HELL BLOCK 9, which is just right beside the Death Fest stage, or you can just run towards Sci-Fi City You might have remembered last year at this area, there’s a haunted house called The Haunting of Oiwa, right beside Battlestar Galactica This year they are building a new house called SPIRIT DOLLS Beside Jurassic Park is a haunted house called THE CHALET HAUNTINGS Apparently this will feature the largest collection of ghosts from the Southeast Asian region And the Langsuir is the iconic character or iconic ghost from this haunted house and there’ll be others Other famous ghosts which we will learn when we walk inside Jurassic park is back to being a scare zone at night the DEAD END scare zone here is meant to be Sort of like a realm between the land of the living and the land of the dead and then The Undertaker will be prowling here for new victims To store in the coffins…. I presume. Some interesting props here wrapped up real tight. And this looks quite familiar Not sure what they are for but I guess they can be handy in sorting out dead body parts and dead things in general This is the Twisted Clown University haunted house site So they even did the walls this year, it looks quite nice. I’ll have closeup photos on my blog. So go there and see In the day, this is the Halloween Carnival and at night it will transform into the Haunted Carnival From the looks of this posters here. There will be a lollipop stand or booth divination… crystal ball and a puppet show Yup, that’s for now and the area is the whole (Hollywood lagoon) fountain area Alright, so that’s it for this vlog. I’ll have more photos on my blog so you can hit the link in the description You’ll see more close-up photos Yeah, stay tuned for more updates!

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