Homemade Jet Engine 3.0 | construction phase 2

Let’s start with the things you already know: the diffusor, the shaft with a bearing and the compressor wheel. You may ask yourself why this is white here, but this is a pretty interesting story for the next time. This leads us to the first new part. I’m talking about this shaft tunnel with the oil supply, which is splitted up over this tube and then goes to the back and front ball bearing. We processed the actual shaft tunnel on lathe. After that we bended these brass tubes for the oil system, brazed them and provided it with a thread. What is different on this model in comparison to the old one is the arrangement of the gas and oil tubes. They are going through the hollow blade and the diffusor so that they not obstruct the air flow. The shaft is put in from behind. This here is the back bearing seat, which looks now different to the last video. This time we produced it out of one piece, you can see the Difference here. We put bearing seat and tube on the back, coming over stator and rotor separate. The problem was a small gap, which isn’t perfect. That’s why we thought, we have to make it out of one piece. To be more precisely: we let it make. After that we drilled these mounting holes. We made them on the back with the shaft tunnel and on the outside, where it will be screwed together with the casing. Before screwing it, there are also two more parts, which should be well known though. . In fact im talking about the rotor and stator. These are the parts from the last turbine, the Version Two. The stator will be installed that way here. And this is how it all looks with the screwed stator. But now you can see on the back bearing seat still this overhang. This is because of our combustion chamber, which is screwed with the back and not on the front, as in the last Version. So we hope, that we will have a better air flow. As you can see the dimension of gap between the pipe and the rotor is much better. So, now we can screw this all on the case. This is now also modified this far, , that we can screw on the parts. It’s also interesting to compare the Dimensions on that point. This was the old one, this is the new one. I don’t think, I have to spend many words on this, but you can see the difference by yourself. What is also clear to see, that there is no more gap visible. This was completely different on the last version. And coming in the next video: the story how the compressor has become its awful white color.

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