Housing First: A Solution to End Homelessness – Watch Homeless Veteran Get off the Streets

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  1. Amazing work guy's… what a powerful story ! At last a happy Ending or should I say a happy begining!

  2. Yeah, it is very easy for people to judge people for their actions but they have no clue what led to those actions. A little compassion can go a long way to help people get up from the ground.

  3. Go Lanny! ! I'm so happy for you! You can do it!! See you at the Top!! Praying for you! ! Love you! ! Stay Encouraged! !

  4. This shows that housing has and will always be the top beneficial goal to achieve with someone who is on the streets. Giving food, water, and money for immediate relief is awesome and badly needed. But if you don't follow it up with moving them to a safe stable location, it's really just a detrimental cycle that makes it nearly impossible to get out from. Mark, thank you for being one of the few people on the internet that I can watch to throw my support in the need to help homelessness. Few can do what you do. We all love you and Lenny!

  5. I was homeless last year with a job I saved money and got a short school bus for under a$1000 naw I will never be homeless again I would love to tell my story to you guys I love my schoolie and to make it complet I'm a school bus driver but we only get 4 hours a day but I can make it Just need fuel and food maybe some heat

  6. So happy for Lanny! Veterans are used up and forgotten much too often. How is anyone supposed to try to get well, from whatever illness they suffer, without a home?!

  7. Happy for Lanny!! Great news and he appeared sober. What a change in his appearance and dress! Was great to see his smiling face. I certainly hope you'll keep us updated on how things are going. This is the type of video that we also need to see from you Mark. Wish we could've seen his apartment too. It did look nice on the outside. Is this a residential building under the housing authority's management? I would be interested in knowing. What agency provided the housing? That's important for us who are advocates to know.
    I have a few questions also about the doctors comments. I guess I'm hoping you will answer some if not all since we have no way to get answers but to ask:
    How can some people sustain and pay for their housing? Should they not be screened for their level of function or needs first? My husband became schizophrenic. There was no way he could've lived alone, taken his meds responsibly, or had a job. Many need long term care in an assisted living facility. Who pays for that?
    Secondly if alcoholics/addicts are housed independently if they have no desire to change their lifestyle how can housing be of benefit alone? They won't be able to work or be responsible for utilities, etc. Who will pay for that?
    How about the elderly and the disabled? They will have at best medical needs and also may not have social security to pay rent, food. Who will pay for that and their transportation to the doctors if needed?
    I feel housing is great but planning and a selection process of who goes where needs to be in consideration for different types of placement and facilities in place. If we don't do that, just providing housing will become a failure. It should be a network of agencies working together to assure success. Preferably all in one building to minimize transportation challenges for the homeless to go to appointments. Otherwise the general public will throw up their hands and be even more resistant to helping the homeless. I feel planning is vital. Are you aware of any program in place to provide the homeless for those needs in your area to date?
    Tks for the video! Enjoyed!

  8. I can see that you are a man that really cares for others….keep showing the compassion and love to the people who just need a second chance☺

  9. Hahaha go figure people who have NO WHERE TO LIVE OR CRAP are MOST interested in housing. I'm homeless and I've made my own way and now I very happily live in a van and go where I please. Is your glad half empty our half? Homeless people don't usually have a dam glass at all you guys. Think of it, you get a little under the weather and there's no where to go to the bathroom in private so you have to go in a bush. How would feel about that? Then you have to listen to people talk about the problem of people using the street as a toilet bit you shut all the bathrooms down and no business wool let you use their bathroom. What are you going to do? I think Good I have never had to be in the place YET but most of you are one check away from asking me how I manage to live in a van happily. Peace be with us all and little compassion wouldn't hurt God.

  10. We need more of this!!! We MUST stop judging people and taking more actions to help the homeless. We don’t know why or how they got to where they are, it just is. We are all part of this planet-Earth. Compassion extends a long way. Simple little ways you can help if you don’t like to give money to our homeless: keep cans of food in your car, have small denominations of gift cards with you to give away, it is as simple as that. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to do this. Start small. The thank-you that you receive is truly worth it. Prayers 🙏🏼 to all!!!!

  11. We need more housing first programs! No strings attached, no joining a church or forced recovery all that b*******! yuppies don't have to pee in a cup or be sober to rent a house or apartment, why do poor people have to? Just another way to hold people down and discriminate!

  12. Marc, I think wat u do is amazing!!! I am trying to help the homeless as much as possible. Of course, I am not rich. But, whether they have mental illness, substance abuse, etc. Is completely insignificant to me! They are all suffering from extreme hunger, loneliness (which makes mental illness much worse as I use to work with the severely mentally ill population). So, I always stop and give them as muh food as I can, especially if they have a pet! That pet needs to be fed too as I love animals!!!
    I have never myself been homeless, but it's a problem drastically needing fixing! I do believe that there exists a group of people operating WORLDWIDE who have very nefarious intentions. The first part of their attack is against the homeless as they are legally defenseless along with the fact that Tht are unable to legally fend for themselves. This is a major reason why the homeless are not receiving the help they need. This pisses me the fuck off! Let's keep helping Marc!i wanted u 2 know u r not he only one helping and caring for these wonderful people!
    [email protected]

  13. Keep trying Mark …. maybe one day things can be different. I pray Lanny is well and not lonely. (((HUGS))))

  14. You don't put these people by themselves in a house.. They can't function. Put them in homes and put high functioning disabled or other types of homeless in homes.

  15. >>It was Lanny's choice to drink. It was Lanny's choice to drink so much
    that alcohol took over his life. It was my choice to help him, and I was lucky
    to have wonderful co-workers to help me get him into housing!<<
    Thank you, Mark. Seriously. T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thanks for this video.. most are so sad and leave me wondering and worried about the people .. this one.. shows a happy resolve. Its love in action to see them "becoming human" again.. the thing is.. they always were.. but were invisible.. thanks for making him VISIBLE!

  17. My delusion is that people have translators, and I thought the doctors in the hospital were aliens. I've had stable housing since 2010. I kept moving up. I was in a group home for four years.

  18. This is heart touching to see these poor people get to have shelter,Food clothes things that a lot of of take for granite God bless them and for all that is helping

  19. Mark is a great person.. I too salute you.. … I also want request to all readers, please donate at least 50 dollars each.. Surely God will give you a hundred times back

  20. Everyone talks a big game about helping but truly helping is doing something and "taking a loss"
    Like Jesus said, helping others and expecting something for it isn't helping, even bad people "help" with interest…
    There are houses upon houses empty…houses upon houses with enough space and room…but peoples hearts are too hard and cold to let a homeless person stay in it. Its not making them money so " what can I do"
    Evil people call it socialism and communism. Private property is always a privileged right.

  21. I am waiting on God- good to see a man show more caring for people like me- I don’t drink or do drugs, I am just a reject from my family, and when I need help they kick me down

  22. 20 bucks a day pays 600 month rent that the day i decided to stop using drugs was the necessary step i needed to get off the streets. no one can help me with this until i decided to stop using drugs and after 10 years of being on the street i was finally finished and said im done and working hard now with a home, furnished, fully loaded high top van, cloths, tools, laptop, wifi and cable, electric and water, eye glasses, drivers license and insurance, but i know the day i decide to use drugs again i will loose all that i have worked for this entire year that it only took me a year of working a normal 9 buck an hour job to gain everything i needed to have a normal life. I thank Jesus for the new path in life i took to rise up move forward without looking back that i have now just started going to the church down the block and i thank Jesus so much that the normal life i desired has finally been accomplished that i have bigger dreams now to help others to do the same

  23. Keep goin Mark, just ignore the negativity thrown your way. Mother Theresa faced the same nonsense, people try so hard to find excuses for not caring but still, someone has to care.

  24. Mark Horvath… please listen to this:
    The problem w/homelessness can mostly be traced to HUD; the ruthless employees want to push religion onto tenants & lots don't believe as they do, want tenants to perform sexual acts in order for them to do maintenance in some instances, there's absolutely no respect for the rights of most tenants. I say most tenants bcuz some maybe related to those in mgmt, & rules & regs hardly ever apply to the relatives.
    When a tenant decides to file a grievance, months later they'll get a response from the mgmt, opposed to 20-30 day response. The mgmt will enter your unit w/o advance notice & there's no emergency. The evildoers rifle through tenants personal belongings and pilfer. … when you complain, they'll paint you 2b something you're not.
    These beasts get other tenants to come against you; whereas prior to any complaint, the majority of the ppl were cordial. If a tenant, m/f, happens 2b attractive, that too is an issue w/insecure ppl in mgmt. Something needs 2b done about the oppressive atmosphere visited upon the tenants. Whom is VETTING THE THIEVES HIRED???
    It gets even more profound when you don't play their games, & stick to being a good tenant. This really gets their ire going!!!
    If/when you make police reports, nothing ever gets done… nothing!! You're then labeled a 'trouble maker' & treated terribly w/their constructive eviction tactics. It feels better 2b sleeping in a car, than to acquire a new mental illness from the gaslighting, pilfering, & breaking & entering your apt w/o advance notice. I'm wishing for someone to contact me, not so much as my plight, albeit I'm in a most precarious situation, but that of others afraid to speak out, & continue to suffer in silence….🤐😔😠

  25. Why Homelessness is increasng.

    The New Cult Culture Job Market which Started Right After the 2008 Economic Crash.
    Most companies today comes across as a kind of kindergarten cult that plies its young employees with parties, toys, naps, playtime The open space is usually decorated with bright colored geometric shaped couches, chairs and vintage wood coffee tables, ping pong tables, and football game tables, and resembles a Montessori style kindergarten.
    Fun is mandatory. Workers, many in shorts and flip-flops, are inordinately proud of the “candy wall” where they can fill up on free snacks. There are vast amounts of candy anything from chocolate bars to gum balls, licorice sticks and cream puffs. Dogs roam the halls. Conference rooms contain bean bag chairs. At the open space desks, employees sit on bouncy balls rather than chairs.
    There is usually free lunch, free cupcakes, and free Perugino, and cappuccino. Many of these offices offer free beer every day and all day. Some offices keep a very large stock of hard liquors such as vodka, gin, whisky, and some exotic and dangerous bottles of liquor that come from foreign countries with warning labels on them, “Drink at Your Own Risk” Although one cannot say for sure, some employees are high on something more than just alcohol. Some companies have beer taps installed in the kitchen. For bike commuters, there are showers upstairs with too many employees using them as sex cabins.
    One very famous non-profit charity that has been around for decades, laid-off all their workers who were over the age of 39 and now their entire staff are in their 20’s and early 30’s. They also changed their décor to bean bags, lollipops, and stuffed animals to make the children feel at home.
    Companies since the 2008 economic collapse have refused even meeting with or interviewing anyone over 35 years old with experience. They will only interview “RECENT” college graduate for entry level and mid-level jobs and the salaries start at $50-60,000 per year or even up to $100,000 a year with full benefits and vacation and many other perks. They prefer to even limit and narrow their recruiting efforts to only youngsters from top tier colleges who have played sports and joined fraternities or sororities. Applicants with proven job skills get ignored because, they’re in their 50s and most companies prefer young know-nothings. And then there is what Steve Jobs calls the “Bozo Explosion”. – B players hire C player so they can feel superior to them, and C players hire D players.
    Your immediate manager or boss will most likely be an intern age boss who is a guy with only one previous job (an entry-level gig doing sales for Google). What matters is “scale,” which you create by hiring people right out of college and making work seem fun. Give them foosball and beer, plus cultishly reinforced propaganda oozing with blather about how “you can make the world a better place” and you will secure. Companies now also give employees a lengthy, pseudoscientific, entirely scary-sounding personality test (devised by a crackpot whose claim to fame was creating the Wonder Woman comics). All of this sounds kind of like the bizarre questionnaire Scientologists take while grasping tin cans.
    Some of these companies will have employees where rubber bracelets containing transponders, which are needed to lock and unlock doors when moving about HQ, which means the company is tracking you at all times.
    The office spaces are open, with very little desk space, and no cubicles. Yes, companies can save even more money by packing these people into cavernous rooms, shoulder to shoulder, as densely as they can. You tell them you’re doing this not because you want to save on office space but because this is how their generation likes to work. So now you have to sit very close to your fellow employees, and endure their body odors, their farts, and their smelly lunches, and listen to them hum with headphones on. Because employees have to sit so close together in an open-space the noise level is high, and there are many interruptions and distractions which keep one from being able to focus for very long. This type of seating situation rarely elicits collaboration between employees, and employees never talk to each other all day while in this tight seating arrangement. And they have to avoid eye contact at all times with the people sitting directly opposite them in order to respect another’s internal space. It all looks from a distance like a Chinese factory assembly line and no longer an up-scale normal healthy office environment.
    Also, every employee has their favorite stuffed animals and action figures cluttering their already tiny desk space like young Japanese girls love their “Little Kitty.” Also, every office has at least one office bully, and you are an open-target all day and every day because there is no private space or cubicle to run and hide in. it is almost impossible to dodge the office bully and avoid conflict. Stress is the only result of the open-space Chinese factory assembly line decorated like a kindergarten to subdue the Orwellian reality.
    The company’s CEO or Chief technology officer announces he is bringing a teddy bear to meetings and invites everyone else to do the same. On Halloween, everyone comes to work in a wacky costume so that company can do a group photo captioned, “We dare to be different.”
    Employees are encouraged to come to work in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flop. If the office is cold in the winter and they ask for management to increase the heat, the HR just informs employees to bring in their warm fuzzy bathrobe from home and wear it around the office to keep warm.
    Employees disappear without warning. The human resources people have no clue how to discover talent, asking potential hires the right questions. Well, that is probably because the human resource folks are also “RECENT “ college graduates in their 20’s and they don’t have a clue about how to find and interview good talent, and besides they limited their search to only other “RECENT” college graduates in their 20’s who don’t have a clue either. Meanwhile intelligent, talented, experienced and mature workers over 40 years of age who need to work are kept out of the job market. The work place used to have employees of all different ages. Since people over 40 will never be 24 again and never be a “recent” college graduate in their 20’s ever again, they are forced out of the job market forever which means if they don’t hit the lottery any day now, they will be homeless.
    Which brings us to the most important point in this essay. Since the 2008 economic crash this Hitler Youth Movement to only hire “RECENT” college graduates for both entry-level and mid-level jobs paying $50-60k per year and up with full benefits, has destroyed economically an entire age demographic of candidates seeking employment who are age 40 and over. People age 40, 50 and over lost their 401 k and their savings during the economic crash of 2008 and they needed to go back to work, but since then the powers that be will not even bring them in for an interview let alone hire them even though they have the skills and experience. They hire instead only youth, and create an only youth culture.
    As a result particularly women over 40 have had to survive long-term unemployment, losing their savings, often their marriage, their kids and their family, because no one can live indefinitely without a decent paying job. They have lost their mental and physical health as well. Many educated people over 40 have ended up on welfare and food stamps even though they were willing and able to work, had the skills, including the tech skills, and they had the experience. Many have lost their homes and their apartments and are living on the street. They never took drugs, they never drank, they never lived above their means, they never gambled, and they never had a criminal record. Their only crime is to be over 39 years of age. This shows you how sick our society has become. It has not only the destroyed the lives of good up-right standing citizens and their families in this country, but also put a burden on the welfare system, health care system and a bigger burden on the tax-payers back for all the extra services needed now by out of work Generation X.
    People who are not ready for retirement at the young age of 40, and 50 etc, especially since the economic crash of 2008 cannot afford to stay home and retire. They still need decent paying jobs or they become a bigger homeless statistic. How could this country allow this to happen? Since when did a healthy strong, talented and experienced vibrant person age over 40 and 50 and over be considered a useless employee, not to even be called in for an interview let alone given a job.
    The Irony of it all, is that most of these companies claim to be socially conscious doing volunteer work for the less fortunate, but they have actually caused most of the population to become less fortunate by making them homeless, and destroying their lives and their families due to this outrageous age discrimination. Many people cannot retire until they are age 65, and since the economic crash of 2008 very few can even retire at the age of 65. Keeping people out of work due to their young age of 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 etc. is a crime. It is criminal and it is sick.

  26. Mark, what an outstanding human being. You're a blessing for these people and I hope you continue doing what you do to help these beautiful people.

  27. I was living in a car, in 2002 for 2 months. During the beginning of Summer, to the end of Summer, it wasn't easy someone called the cops on us because we were sleeping in a car, the cops came knock on the window asked for our I.D. and did nothing to us. They only gave us advice, to find a place and get off the streets. I've been on the streets twice during my youth years, I can relate to these people, when you finally have a place, of your own its like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders. God is good he does so many things, in many different ways, he blesses the poor. Things get better in time.

  28. There is no such thing as mass mental illness – it is an utter ruse. It's criminal sociopaths that glut the US in academia, bio-tech, "research", eugenics, government, military, CIA, social sciences; all things of KKK and Nazi sociopathy, all things of greed and fascism. 99% of the time, homelessness is a direct result of heinous crimes done to innocent people by these criminal psychopaths and an utterly complicit, criminal and criminally negligent govt/military.

    Really, did it need to take a PhD to realize that housing people had to be top priority?

    I hope these war-criminal scumbags of Government/Military are flayed alive…. slowly.

  29. Invisible People: I love you too! you are actually helping the people and society! Respect for you from Russia

  30. "It lead to the idea that housing is the most important thing to a homeless person" – wow, the world is never short on Einsteins! It only took hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn that! I mean, what could have been done with that money for people whose biggest problem is beind deprived from very cheap and basic human needs, slowly dying from cold and hunger and no hygiene on streets? Hmm, of course, they need an expensive hospital to treat their mental state! That's just ultra sad.

  31. This is heartwarming and great to see the change in this man. I am curious about who pays for the apartment , and does he get a pension to pay for necessities . It would be great for homeless people to have a home of their own, but who pays the rent. Just wondering how this is possible. God bless

  32. This is my story. Once I got my own place after being homeless, everything changed. I was no longer in survival mode and I'm now getting help for my mental illness and addiction.

  33. How can I receive help like this lady that was fortunate enough to get. I am 26 year old female and have been homeless for most of the last 5 years. Just getting help for first months rent plus security deposit is all i would need for me to never have to sleep in the cold or have people look down on me. The security deposit is the expense that always kills me. Its so hard out on the streets, your cast off as worthless.. Wears your soul down.

  34. Fucking govt mostly caring about creepy beings living in planet mars.They never mind needy people.They dont want any luxury but a please to sleep without afraid. Thanking those good hearts who committed to save homelesss life

  35. There's empty buildings on VA hospital grounds. Saw them in LA and Milw. These buildings should/need to be used for homeless vets. A lot of vets get SSI or disability, some of that money could be paid for their lodging. There are plenty of old buildings in all cities that could be converted into at least studio apts that the homeless could use their SSI/disablilty to help pay for a roof over their heads. There are solutions. There are many empty buildings that need to be humanely used to help our citizens. I'll never a forget how sad and shocked a tourist from Switzerland was when he saw the homeless living on the streets of LA. He said "We don't have homeless in Switzerland, we take care of our people". This was in 1986, and we all know how nothing was done since then and the outrageous number of homeless there in LA now.

  36. Please come to Laredo Texas. The American people need to see what's going on. Not the so called news reports by people that get their pay checks from the advertising that the police and the shelters that tell you how God of a job they are doing. Please come here a show what is really going on.

  37. From my experience with being homeless and dealing with Housing First, I have learned that it always comes down to who is in control of each aspect of the program I'll first say that I like that it is really helping. The flip side is who it helps first. It starts by helping those that are "chronic" which they told me is after I spent a year on the street and in their system of shelters for that same period of time. If you just became homeless the best you get from them is the limited time they have shelters. I loved that I could go there and get a meal and a mat but it was only a few months out of the year. If you weren't drinking or doing drugs at first you probably will be by the time you become eligible for a room in one of their houses. Some houses are better than others. Some very strict on forcing you to seek treatment and others where the truly chronic continue to feed their habits. I never saw anything resembling help for anyone until that year on the street was up, and then you get to be on their list. As all lists go, you still remain on the street never knowing when or if you get a room. I'm aware of the limited housing market and heard about those who disagree with the way Housing First takes away from the people trying to get affordable housing. Those who are in control are mainly far removed from knowing what it's really like to be homeless. I can sit here and type for days but I'm talking to the wind. The wind doesn't hear nor care.

  38. I, am a client of 'Pathways to Housing' – Washington, D.C. and meet and/or consult with them . . .at least 3x's per week !

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