So we know you’re really excited about
living on campus, getting your room, and finding your roommate. But first, let’s talk about housing at SOAR, which is completely different than where you’ll stay when you move in. During orientation you’ll be staying
overnight in one of our newly renovated halls in the historic Quad. This will allow
you to see where you might live in the years to come. Freshmen don’t live in the Quad. If you are bringing a family member with you to SOAR, and they choose to stay overnight on campus, they will also stay in the Quad – in a different hall and with other family members. Your guests can also choose to make a
reservation at a local hotel, or, if you’re close enough, travel home for the evening. Hey, to avoid the luggage scramble at check-in, be sure to pack your items separately from your family or any friends you travel with. You will not room with your family, and might not room with your friends from home, even if you arrive together. Also, bring your own linens. You’ll need a pillow, sheet, a towel, and anything else you may need for an overnight stay. We have single and double beds in the residence halls, and we don’t know which size you’re going to get until we hand you a key – so we recommend everyone bring double and queen sheets, which will fit (while not perfectly) both the double or twin beds. It’s just one night, so we know you can
make it work. Don’t forget to think about what you need to carry with you during your first two days at SOAR. The outer doors to the residence halls will be locked at all times, so you will not have access to the
building, or your room, during the day. That said, after you put your bags in your room, be sure to bring with you anything
you need for the day such as a cell phone, charger, medicine, money, any special paperwork, and the
materials we provide for you at check in. Now that you know how it will work during SOAR, let’s talk about housing during the academic year. We know you’re really anxious to know your housing assignment. Special communities and residential colleges will be notified between May 1 and July 7. All other on-campus residents will
notified on July 7 by email. Then you’ll check your Artemis account, which is where you applied for housing. And finding the right roommate is essential. There are a number of ways to find a roommate. First you’ll need to make connections. You might find one during Destination UNCG, at SOAR, or on social media. If you do not select a roommate, one will be randomly assigned based on a number of compatibility factors that you choose when signing up for housing. So maybe you’re wondering what you should or should not bring in the fall. It’s important to follow our guidelines. They’re too much to mention here, so be sure to check them out online. You wouldn’t want to bring things aren’t
allowed, because they’ll just have to be sent back home. You might want to coordinate with your roommate, as duplicates will take up valuable space. We invite you to visit our website for
more information. So about move-in information. You will get more details about this date, time, parking, and traffic patterns for move-in via email in July with your assignment. The general move-in dates are August 12 through 16, 2015, based on the hall you’ve been assigned.

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