Hybrid Sliding Rocking Bridges

imagine bridge columns that you see around when you drive okay all of those are monolithic accustomed placed elements so these elements have very very limited resistance to deformation any deformation from any hazard earthquakes in our case what we’re trying to do in this research we’re trying to introduce new response mechanisms within column design so that we can accommodate these kind of deformations without damage compared to conventional casting place systems where imagine the columns can be a single pour of concrete so you have solid elements reading that they’re very very resistant to motion here we have a totally different design where you have the column being broken down into segments essentially the bridge column is already in pieces so you can’t break it down pieces if it’s already like that so you hold these pieces together using tendons and then you have especially designed joints along the height of these columns where we allow those joints to exhibit small controlled slide that sliding us to the deformation capacity of the system so you have a rigid column where if it moves a little bit it gets damaged and probably collapses and then you have a column that it can move a lot without getting down the whole idea of having these response mechanisms is to add to the capability of the system to deform without getting damaged so that’s a big I think that can be a game changer on how we design bridge columns.

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