HYPA Housing – Belinda’s Story

If it wasn’t for HYPA I’d probably
sleep in my car with my cousin right now I still.. I never thought I’d have my own space and it’s so good that I do have my own space now because I can concentrate
on myself a lot more and concentrate on my own goals to not get distracted by
other people and focus on myself a lot more and my future. Since I’ve been in
HYPA housing I think the people have made the biggest impact on me from the
first youth worker I met in the HYPA Adelaide office who showed me that I
wanted to become a youth worker and now I’ve actually enrolled in TAFE into like
community services I got accepted into University early this year for the
Social Work and it just made me want so much more for my own life. I feel so secure
in my own place and I used to be in a bit of like an abusive relationship so I
feel so secure having my own front door that I can lock. I think I’ve learned that I am a very
clean person opposed to where I was living beforehand and other people’s
houses were a bit dirtier and I didn’t exactly have a problem with it but with
my own house I like to be very very clean. I like someone to walking in to be
like, “Wow this is a nice place.” And I don’t I just take a lot of pride in my
house just the community as well as so good if I need something I can just turn
up on my neighbor’s door and I know they’re always there to help as well as
the youth worker. I’m not personally someone that does a lot of
goal-setting and Rob has like enforced that in me and I have set a lot of goals now and I’ve actually
been achieving a lot of my goals. My work goal at the moment is to complete my
Certificate IV in Community Services and next year going to a Bachelor Degree
of Social Work and then hopefully by the time I finished that HYPA might want me
to come and help them. Maybe be a Case Manager so I can give back and help
other children that were in the position I have been. So help them help
themselves sort of.. but yeah I’ve high hopes for myself

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