Join us at Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference, 25 – 26 November, UK

Digital business demands are escalating. I&O needs to be… Smarter. It needs to be faster. But it must also also learn to be Leaner and control costs. We are living through an era of exponential change. Our lives, and our societies are increasingly going to be governed by new forms of power and new systems, in this era of change. Infrastructure is changing. It’s no longer focused on the data center. It will stretch from the edge to the cloud. In short, it will be everywhere. How do you adapt to this new environment? How do you not just survive it? But But thrive in it? Two out of the five CEOs have deployed AI (Artificial Intelligence) or plan to do that this year. But one out of three felt they needed to make a change in their leadership of I&O (Infrastructure and Operations). At this event. We are going to share with you how you can cope with these changes and how you could do so, safely.

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