JSU Housing Intro Video

[MUSIC] If someone were considering
living on campus, I would definitely tell them to
do it.>>One of the greatest
experiences that
I have here at JSU was actually
living on campus.>>Everybody was just friendly
to you the first day.>>Everybody was really, really
nice.>>My experience living
on campus was great. I got to know so many people.>>You know what’s going on at
all times,
and it’s just very easy to get
living on campus, versus off
campus. [MUSIC]>>You don’t have to pay for
cable, you
don’t have to pay for utilities,
Internet, it’s all included.>>Your water, your gas,
laundry.>>There’s also an app, and so
you can
check on your laundry without
having to go and walk down the hall to see
if it’s
done, you can just check on your
phone.>>Well, everyone has to eat and JSU offers a wide variety of
food eateries here on campus, whether you want Chick-fil-A or
Mexican from our Baja Grill. There’s also a frozen yogurt
place and my personal favorite is our
Golden Corral, which is our
cafeteria. It’s a buffet style eatery and
we also have a diner here on
campus.>>We have everything that you
need on campus within around 10 to 15 minutes from any
residence hall.>>You have the gym in
Stephenson, and
you have plenty of intramural
sports, so any sport that you could
possibly be interested in. We even have intramural water
polo. [LAUGH] That’s a lot of fun.>>Moving away to college was
not my dad’s biggest fear but it was his biggest concern. What is safety like on this
campus?>>I always feel really safe
in the residence halls. There’s somebody at the desk
24/7. [MUSIC]>>The Gamecock Express is our
transit system here on JSU’s
campus.>>Depending on where you live,
you can
get on the bus right outside of
your residence hall and
it takes you to places all over
campus and it also goes through
Jacksonville and
to all the apartment areas. [MUSIC]>>Each residence hall
comes fully furnished. You have a bed in there, you
have some
type of dresser where you can
put clothes in and you also have a closet,
you don’t need to bring any
extra stuff. You can if you want to but
everything that you need is
included.>>I do have a roommate and it’s
awesome to live with a roommate, especially because it’s
a different culture. I’m international so
I would be paired up with an
American.>>I live with my best friend so
that was
an advantage for me but I ended
up being really good friends with the
who lived across the hall from
me, the people that lived upstairs.>>[MUSIC]>>There’s plenty of different
opportunities and options for student organizations. There’s Greek life, there’s
organizations such as Baptist
campus ministries, Wesley Foundation,
community service groups like
Circle K. My favorite place to study is
the 12th floor of the library.>>And then you have Ace
tutoring, you can
go there and study and not only
study but also get tutored if
you’re having problems.>>JSU is also the friendliest
campus in
the south and that’s what we
pride on. We have school spirit and
we have that community
connectedness and I think that’s what makes JSU
unique from any other school.>>Not a huge university but
it’s not a small university. It’s easy to get involved and
it’s easy to meet new people. It’s just everything you
need is in Jacksonville and that family atmosphere that, if
you go to
most schools, you won’t be able
to feel. I feel that at
Jacksonville State University. [MUSIC] [SOUND]

6 Replies to “JSU Housing Intro Video”

  1. I went to JSU for my freshman year and Im excited to return because it's a fun school easy to get around campus.The place to exercise is very fun.There's always some kind of Events everyday Food tastes amazing so whoever Is Going There its great and You'd enjoy urself!

  2. I recently graduated from JSU a few months ago and I have lived on the campus for all 4 years of my undergraduate career. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of living on campus! All the buildings and school services were within walking distance (tutoring center, library, dining halls, bookstore, career services, classrooms), I always felt safe in the residence halls because an RA/DA is always tending the desk, the laundry, cable, and utilities are all free, the rooms and bathrooms are all clean and regularly maintained, and I got along great with all of my fellow residents during my stay. Living on campus allowed me to be even more connected with JSU's community and become involved with organizations and activities going on on the campus everyday. As a former 4-year resident,  I highly encourage new JSU students to go to JSU housing and apply for housing!

  3. i graduated from JSU in 1998. i do remember enjoying the atmosphere of college life there. i met alot of multicultural people which made me feel at home because i am originally from new york city. i  majored in computer science. i have been working in the IT field for about 12 yrs now. i owe it to the tough computer courses ive taken at JSU. as a Alumni i will always cherish that times i spent at JSU.

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