LIVE ON – Housing at Grand Valley State University

The thing I like the most about Grand Valley
housing is how inclusive it is. Something that’s really cool is the sense
of community you feel living on campus. And its just nice to have that experience
of like learning about different people and their different kind of culture. So Grand Valley housing has a lot of different
options, they have traditional style, suite style, apartment style, cluster style, and
on-campus apartments. So I think traditional housing is really beneficial
to just the freshman experience, it gets you the closest to people. People are so outgoing in that type of housing. One of the perks of like living on campus
and specifically in Neimeyer is that you have classes in your building, so I can literally
roll out of bed and go straight to class and that’s amazing. The on-campus resources are extensive, they
are well planned out, and they are 100% for students. And on both sides of campus there’s places
that you can find tutoring so it’s really helpful to just be right where it is. And within the environment you have the library
and so it’s nice because you know there is a place you can go, where as if you’re
off campus you have that where do you go kind of a factor. Casey Huls: I’ve encountered so many just
selfless people at this university whether its professors or people that I have classes
with. We’re all working together, we’re all
here to learn, we’re all here to help each other learn, yeah it’s such a sense of togetherness. Living on campus is also really exciting and
fun because you’re right next to the dining halls. Its nice about campus dining because they’re
so like helpful and willing to listen to their students and what they want and they have
so many options already. You’re all on the same page so it makes
it a lot easier when it comes to making friends, getting study groups with academics, and joining
clubs and organizations on campus, its all there for you. The biggest thing about getting involved at
Grand Valley housing is the sense of community that I don’t think you get anywhere else,
it’s a great way to meet people and to connect and to be apart of something bigger than yourself.

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