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  1. I actually just had this conversation with my wife over the last couple of weeks. I want to own some townhouse duplexes but there are none available here. This is very interesting I can't wait to listen to your take on the subject.

  2. The homes he is trying to sell are probably track home that is poorly constructed and will show major problems within 5 years. When you hear about the attention to what looks good and not the quality of construction. Start to be concerned. I am not surprised that he wants people to buy the houses shortly after renting them. This gets them out of major problems and onto the next turn and burn.

  3. All new construction has to be built to code which means these homes will likely last as long as any new home built today. However the most important stuff I would have liked to have heard is: 1) an actual example of how much the land cost 2) home much to built the entire project 3) how much is the gross rent from the project 4) what is the monthly upkeep from the project, i.e.what will be my net cash flow. For me it all comes down to numbers. Come on Clayton that's the most important Your thoughts?? Thank you very much.

  4. Uhm Trump is pushing Feds to lower rates by 1%_thats enough to stimulate buying, but greed will lead to another crash bc lower rates typically result in increases in home prices

  5. This guy is smart. Getting higher class tenants that are looking for good schools means less tenant turnover and people that want to stay put and become part of the neighborhood. People who are not struggling to make ends meet. It may not be quite the same percentage cash flow as the C and D class places, but in the end I bet it evens out profit wise and as he mentions, you can’t distinguish them as being rentals and people treat them like their own home. People talk poorly about an HOA but a good one makes for a solid, clean, safe neighborhood.
    Very good to get this perspective on the rental market!

  6. The trend I am seeing in my area is splitting a single family home into a multiplex. Individual rooms being leased, it begins to get really ugly quick. To make codes work they sometimes have to run egress stairs to windows, multiple cars parked all around. I feel like it hurts the homeowners in the area.

  7. I get this guy's arguments, but I still think renting A to A- properties is not a good proposition for a number of reasons.

  8. LOL. Y'all might wanna Google this guy. He's being sued by a bunch of people and is an alleged crook and huckster.

  9. I absolutely Love this podcast. I have searched for duplexes or quads. Not much luck or the areas weren’t desirable. I mentioned this exact topic to my husband. Thank you so much for this podcast, keep them coming.

  10. Thanks Clayton for a very informative video!!!!

    Would it be possible to do some videos on modular/manufactured homes as rentals?

  11. The baby boomers now complain about everything
    because they can't buy everything- as they bought before!

    Has anyone rented to a baby-boomer? Share your stories.

  12. What do you think about areas like Colorado where they are building apartments and condos everywhere. I wonder what that will do to the rental market in your opinion? Well I have a big impact or a small impact or neither thank you

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