6 Replies to “NYC tries to curb violence in housing complex where officer was killed”

  1. There are millionaire drug dealers living in those projects being subsidized by the taxpayer and everybody knows it

  2. Every one of these projects and all five boroughs have giant concentration camp lights lighting up the place at night why is it no other buildings in Manhattan or any other borough has these kinds of lights and have no troubles and talk about the green New Deal these generator lights are on all night pushing carbon monoxide into the air poisoning us all you see is employees going around in a daytime with big gasoline trucks filling them up again so they could run for another night already three years these things are running and no one would fix the lights somebody is making a lot of money with the contracts given out to these companies because these lights are rentals who is getting a kick back for these rentals they're in tourney General's office should investigate that why are the lights not fixed why is the temporary lights in every Borough in every project being rented why do we have money to rent these lights and we have no money for the repair who is getting this money oh wow I said the truth my bad

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