Off the Grid on a Homemade Island

(bright music) – [Wayne] Thank you very much. (Catherine laughs) – I’m Catherine, and
this is my husband Wayne. – I’m Wayne, and welcome to Freedom Cove. We live in a secluded cove. The only options we have
to get here is by water. There are no road accesses. The water is our highway. – [Catherine] Everything that you see here in our home is floating. We are tied to shore with lines. We are not anchored. We have our main living house, we have the dance floor,
the lighthouse building, four greenhouses. As I started to grow the
garden and make it larger, then we had to have more
space for that garden. – Everything’s done with
a handsaw and hammer. No power tools. I know every board and nail by name. It’s about 500 tons. A million pounds that I’m floating. I’ve been building tree
forts since I was seven. And I said, “Well, Dad, “I’m putting a tree fort in the ocean.” No, when I go to town I get landsick. – Mm-hmm. – The thing about living
in Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island is it’s the richest biomass on Earth, so the opportunity to
fish for dinner is big. I just get in my canoe and paddle out, in 10 minutes I can catch a fish. But when it’s windy and
too rough out there, I can lay on the couch
and fish out of the house. I was hoping to make a lot
more money as an artist, so subsistence living
was our only opportunity to have anything as artists. We could never buy real estate, so we had to make our own. It was a great opportunity to actually move away from the city, to see if we could prosper out here. Now 24 years later, we’re still doing it. – I can’t imagine living any other way. I feel completely fulfilled. – (laughs) That’s good, hon. (Catherine laughs) That’s really nice. I’m working on it. (bright music)

100 Replies to “Off the Grid on a Homemade Island”

  1. 1:04 everything is done with a handsaw and hammer

    1:17 I can see I think a chain saw and a power tools on the shelf 😂

  2. I'm surprised the government hasn't found some other way to rule out their ability to do that. They could come up with 1000 reasons that would be enough to ruin what they've created. No way they'd be able to afford the lawyer to defend them from even one legal matter. Very cool what they did. I hope they manage to stay off the radar from those who have nothing better to do than to squish people's dreams of simple freedom.

  3. When they leave .some poor crew is going to be faced with the monumental task of cleaning up removing that monstrosity they have created and putting the cove back to normal.

  4. Yikes….am I the only one that thinks that aerial view looks like a floating pile of trash in a beautiful lake???? I'm sorry folks…. but Aesthetics really do mean something.

  5. Why with social media people always posts stupid comments. What i just seen was incredible. What mankind is able to accomplish.

  6. Pretty sure in the U.S. the government would come armed and destroy the island and charge the couple for using federal land or something. Land of the free and all that.

  7. What are the taxes on that garbage heap? No EPA in Canada? This shit has to be illegal as hell…not that I care, just making conversation….

  8. It looks like a floating dump in the middle of the lake.

    All those flashy colors should never have been used. You should have taken the time to blend into the scenery.

  9. So its legal in canada to build a floating structure and tie it to shore? He made a point to say it’s not anchored,as if that would be illegal.

  10. What a fucking eyesore. Looks like something left after a hurricane. I hope it sinks ya fuckwit. All he needs now is a couple of old cars and he's set. I'm guessing he ate paint chips as a kid. Living off grid is fine, but this is just a fucking mess,floating around, with all their turds bobbing along.

  11. Him: Come over to my house for dinner
    His wife: Here's the address
    Alexa: I've sent directions to your phone
    Tesla: You have arrived at your destination
    Me: sees floating pile Aight I'mma head out

  12. Well it used to be a beautiful river. Now it looks like a garbage dump. That’s what disgusting hippies do🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. It's so cute! But what about 10 years down the line when they can't get around like they used to, need assistance and have no real home to retire in? The government, you and me basically, will have to pay for these two to die because they were irresponsible ass clowns in their earning years!

  14. It looked like a garbage dump from the sky. I clicked on it to see how they trashed this beautiful land. After watching it's pretty cool.

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