[OSHACRA] Part77 How to build Traditional Japanese House & Garden/おしゃクラ! 和風の家と庭(Minecraft)

How is everybody today? Are you living a fashionable life? In this video, we’ll be building some Japanese-style architecture! So then, let’s get started!! Please watch until the end, I don’t bite! If you like this house or garden, why not try making it for yourself? If you link it to this video, it can help my channel grow in the future! Farewell!

100 Replies to “[OSHACRA] Part77 How to build Traditional Japanese House & Garden/おしゃクラ! 和風の家と庭(Minecraft)”

  1. 友達はマイクラ古いって言ってたのにこの動画見せたらすごっって言ってた( ˙-˙ )
    なーちゃんを認めてもらったぞー✩°。⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

  2. しっかり見ましたよ~(´∀`*)ウフフ

  3. 何ヶ月か前にたまたま見て それ以来、誰の動画だったかと探していました。

  4. 毎度素敵な動画をありがとうございます。

  5. I love how easy you make building these houses. I’m terrible at building but I built one of your houses in survival and it didn’t even take that long, and it looks beautiful!!!!

  6. YESSS YOU'RE AMAZING! So satisfying and FUNNY even though you were quiet lmao loved when you were about to start the second floor, i laughed and it made my day cos i didn't expect it 😂💕

  7. 日本の伝統建築はとても美しい!非常にエレガントで落ち着いた。これを構築していただきありがとうございます。カエデの木を追加すると、本当に秋のような気分になります!


  8. Come on, please help me with Chanel's sufot by laike commen and subscribe, because it is critical before paying later because it can be complicated hahahah, thank you, kash

  9. I love all these video's so much. They teach me a lot. Thank you very much for making these. They are amazing, like you. 😀

  10. Many Thanks to the creator for this wonderful video
    I've been searching for designs like this one
    And I think this peace of art will fit perfectly in my survival world
    Thanks again. 🙂👍👍👍✌️

  11. 今回の建築も素晴らしいです!


  12. Some of the viewers on this channel are worried about me being hit by a typhoon. Fortunately I'm fine. Thank you very much!!(#^^#)

  13. なーちゃんいつの間に髷が結えるほど髪生えたんだ、、、


  14. なーさん、いつも被ってる帽子の下はマゲだったんですね!←

  15. I love how your builds are so easy to follow! ^_^
    I've built one of your traditional Japanese houses on survival, and it looks great ^ω^

  16. マイクラ版和風◯本家!サムネイルもバッチリだし、編集もしっかりしてるし!羨ましいです!私も頑張ります(^^)

  17. お疲れ様ですー!

    和風建築は難しいですねー、コンパクトな和風建築 ワタシもやってみまーす!

  18. I have seen the banner with the green border on a few builds, but I still don't see what it is supposed to be

  19. 鬼滅の刃風と思ってしまうほど

    参るぞ!←( ゚д゚)は?

  20. 前回の和風建築とはまたひと味違う和風建築で今回もとても素敵でした!樽と白のコンクリパウダーで作られた(憶測ですが)障子や、瓦屋根、襖柄の旗…とてもリアルで、なーさんの表現力尊敬してます…!これからも動画頑張ってください💪応援してます!

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