Prime Minister Trudeau makes an infrastructure announcement in Ontario

It’s good to have everyone here today for
this important announcement, because we really do have some great news to share; news that
will benefit not just people here in Barrie, but all across the province.
In our spring budget we outlined our plan to invest in public transit, to create jobs,
to strengthen our communities and to grow the middle class. Since that time we’ve completed
negotiations with the province, and I’m happy to announce that with our partners we’re investing
nearly $3 billion in public transit right here in Ontario.
(Applause) Today I am happy to announce that with our
partners we will invest nearly $3 billion in public transit here in Ontario.
The federal contribution of $1.48 billion comes from the Public Transit Infrastructure
Fund and will help improve the quality of life for millions of Ontarians. As of today,
168 projects have already been approved for funding. For people here in Barrie this investment
means a renewed and expanded bus fleet, so that you can spend less time waiting and more
time doing the things you love; things like visiting family and friends, going to a Colts
game or checking out the Dragon Boat Festival. For larger cities like Toronto it means upgraded
vehicles, more timely subway track repairs and vehicles and stations that are more accessible.
In communities across the province this investment will shorten commute times and make public
transit more efficient and more inclusive. And how we’re doing this is important too.
We didn’t sit in Ottawa, look at a map and decide who should get what. Others have tried
that approach and it just didn’t work. Instead, we did what we said we’d do since the very
beginning. We listened. We listened to your premier and to your mayors, to your local
representatives and to your community groups. And it’s by listening and working together
as partners that we were able to agree on the investments announced today, investments
that are going to make a real difference in people’s lives. In addition to making our
small towns and big cities safer and better places to live, this funding will also create
good, well-paid jobs for the middle class and those working hard to join it. Our government
is proud to do its part. So I want to, once again, thank Premier Wynn,
Major… Mayor Lehman, our federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Amarjeet
Sohi, the Association of Municipalities Ontario, and everyone who has been involved in this
process for their help in building a brighter future for Ontarians, and indeed, for all
Canadians. Thank you very much.

2 Replies to “Prime Minister Trudeau makes an infrastructure announcement in Ontario”

  1. 3 Billion dollars = $83 for each person in Canada And probably 90% of Canadians won't even see the project. Sounds fair to me.

  2. What Trudeau is doing is adding up and creating a picture of Canada that is becoming unrecognizable. And we watch from one fiasco to another, and don't ask for help or hold the opposition responsible. If the opposition parties behave in a manner that is customary, we are getting nowhere. There has to be a way for his activities to be curtailed. I'm sure some of them are illegal. If he keeps this up we should all be very worried.

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