Project Manager LRC Construction LLC., USA – Why ULMA [en]

The ULMA systems that we are using here are FORMADECK for horizontal forms and RKS for the climbing walls. The FORMADECK has been a very simple, easy but more importantly versatile product that we can use in all sorts of places, narrow corners, long stretches and it makes very easy for the guys here to use. The RKS system has made our lives not only a lot easier and faster, but I think the most importantly safer. It doesn’t expose the men to nearly the amount of risk that they would be if they were forming it with other systems. The RKS made our lives a lot of easier. ASF is partner with ULMA in most of their projects and there is a great relationship. The ability to get materials here easily from New Jersey, very close by and the great relationships with the team made our lives a whole lot easier that I can never ask for.

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