S. Korea ranks 16th for Tourism

South Korea claimed the 16th spot in the latest
travel and tourism ranking of the World Economic Forum,… the best ranking achieved to date
since its first assessment in 2007. According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports
and Tourism, Seoul moved up three places from 2017. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report
is a measurement of the factors that make a country attractive to develop business in
the travel and tourism industry. The report indicates South Korea has better
tourist service infrastructure and environmental sustainability,…but its price competitiveness
slumped 15 places. Meanwhile, there were no changes in the top
10 ranking, with Spain, France and Germany retaining their top 3 rankings from 2017.

6 Replies to “S. Korea ranks 16th for Tourism”

  1. There is a sensible increase in unhealthful air pollution, especially in Seoul, that blocks sunlight.
    It's well with Koreans hating RISING SUN, but makes arrival tourists disappointed.

  2. It is projected that tourist who wants to to Republic of Korea will go down 56% in 2025 due to smoke/have problems, environmental radioactivity, economic slump, and racism. This will coincide with increased economic problems as the economy will contract 7% percent. This shows how Korea is not very competitive.

  3. Top 10 best destination countries (2019)
    1. Spain
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Japan
    5. US
    6. UK
    7. Australia
    8. Italy
    9. Canada
    10. Switzeland

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