SFSU 2018-2019 Housing Application Tutorial

>>Welcome to the SFSU
housing application tutorial. Today we will be showing you
residents how to apply for housing. First, you will need to navigate
to the SMSC housing portal. You can find this on our
website by clicking the link in the description of this
video or by simply searching for SFSU housing portal using
a search engine, like Google. Once you reach the housing portal,
you may be prompted to log in. This page will look very
similar to SFSU login page. Log in using either
your school email, or ID number, and your password. When you have successfully
logged on to the housing portal, you will see a link at the top of
the page that says application, this link will bring you
to the term selected page. This page contains
important application dates and will direct you to
the current application. At the bottom of page, you
should see a clickable bubble for the housing terms that
you would like to apply for, select that bubble and
press save and continue. The welcome page provides
a brief snapshot of the information you will need
to provide in the following pages. Most of the information
on this page is generated from your SFSU Student Center under
the personal information section. If you need to update
this information, please do so through
your Student Center. After you review the
information, press continue. The accommodations
request page is optional. If you need any special
housing accommodations, you will need to complete
this page. Please note that you will
also need to register with the disability programs and Resource Center
through their website. Press continue to move
on to the next page. Here, we provide a PDF of the
2018 2019 license agreement. Please read this document
in its entirety. The license agreement includes
states that you will be able to occupy your assigned space, payment information,
and housing rules. You will see this document again
near the end of the application. By submitting this
application, you are agreeing to the 2018 2019 student housing
license, terms, and conditions. After you review the License
Agreement, press continue. Here, you will provide at
least one emergency contact and one confidential contact. The emergency contact will be
notified if you’re involved in any emergency situation and
the confidential contact will be notified if you’re involved
in a missing-persons case. These contacts will not have
access to your campus address, payment history, account
information, or contact history. Once you have provided
that information, press save and continue. FERPA is a federal law
that protects the privacy of your educational records. at SF State University, a
FERPA waiver will only allow us to give the contact information
regarding your financial records. This waiver is optional. If you like a parent or
guardians to have access to your financial records, please provide the
information on this page. Once you are done,
press save and continue. Here, you have an option to upload
an appropriate photo of yourself. This picture is primarily used
during the roommate search process, it will also be accessible
to housing and residential life staff members. Press save and continue. To live on campus, you are
required to have health insurance and to provide us with
a policy information. If you are in the process
of getting health insurance, please provide the date that
your insurance will start providing coverage. Failure to provide health insurance
information will result in a hold on your account, which may prevent
you from applying for classes. To complete this page,
you will also need to provide information regarding
the meningococcal vaccination. Press save and continue, once
you have finished providing your information. To live on campus, we require
you to have renter’s insurance. SF State housing has
partnered with Grad Guard to write an affordable
[inaudible] for residents. You may also purchase renter’s
insurance from other agencies. Once you are confirmed for housing, you’ll be sent more information
regarding renter’s insurance. To complete this page, you will
first need to check the box stating that you understand
this requirement. Then you will need to
submit your ID number, along with your first
name and last name. If you are having difficulty
moving on to the next page, make sure that there are no spaces
following your ID number and name. Your name must also match
the name that appears in the top right of this webpage. [ Music ] Here, we provide a fee schedule
for the next academic term. Housing costs fluctuate based on your selected meal
plan and room type. By agreeing to the housing
policy, you are indicating that you have reviewed the fee
schedule and will be able to pay for housing during the
entire academic year. The fee schedule can also
be found on our website under housing documents. Press the continue
button at the bottom of the page once you have
reviewed and agreed to the cost. Here, you are able
to select your first and second preferences
for your housing. We do our best to
accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee
the exact space. Press save and continue once you
have picked your preferences. This page corresponds with
your first room preference. Themes and learning communities
are a wonderful opportunity to grow personally and
get involved on campus. If you are interested in living in
a themed community, please remember to apply using the links
provided on this page. [ Music ] Here, you will select your
meal plan for the semester, as well as specify any
dietary requirements. Meal plans are required for
students living on campus, with the exception of University
Park North and South residents. Your meal plan can be altered once
a semester and can only be lowered within the first week
of each semester. Once you have selected your
meal plan, press continue. This is an optional page where you
will select your extra preferences in case your first
choices are unavailable. Press save and continue
once you have selected your extra preferences. Make sure you have read
the license agreement and fee schedule before
pressing the accept the terms and conditions button to continue. If you are under the age of 18,
you will need to add a parent or guardian to provide their
information before signing the license agreement. If you’re 18 years or older,
feel free to skip this section by clicking the next
section at the top. [ Music ] Once you are finished
with all previous steps, click submit license agreement. This is the final step of
the housing application. Here, we provide the steps to
paying the initial housing payment, a link to your student center, as well as information
about canceling. Once you have finished, please
press save and continue. Thank you for participating in
the SFSU housing application. [ Music ]

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