Solving your infrastructure needs

as a business grows lines of business demand new services and faster innovation but being able to innovate ahead of those demands becomes increasingly challenging so traditionally when IT departments were presented with a business need they turn two large proprietary vendors for solutions but those needs are evolving faster than ever and the big guys often lack the agility to innovate quickly enough plus a huge portion of IT resources are dedicated exclusively to just keep in the light on IT departments require dedicated expert staff for every platform in its environment and the more systems there are the more resources are spent meanwhile each new application faces unforeseen and disruptive changes that can make them less secure and possibly even obsolete before they can generate positive return on investment ideally you’d be able to balance innovation and efficiency but how increasingly itz answer is to turn to red hat red hat is at the hub of a collaborative development model that delivers speed agility and interoperability across IT with more than three million developers working on collaborative projects innovative and effective solutions arrive quicker and more cost efficiently in fact users say innovation is the number one way that collaborative development adds value red hat’s process of hardening community projects into enterprise ready red hat products gives them the security reliability and support organizations require Red Hat is the only infrastructure vendor that combines all the factors necessary to enable your traditional workloads to work seamlessly with next-generation workloads to create the dynamic data center of the future that’s why ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use red hat products and services to learn more about how Red Hat can help you meet your business needs visit / infrastructure you

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