STC Construction Project update Sept 2017

Hi, it’s Mayor Walter Sendzik and I’m
here to provide an update on some of the construction that’s going on around the
city. There’s been a lot of people who have either sent me emails or I’ve
bumped into at different events that have asked what’s going on at the old
Hotel Dieu site or what’s going on at Queenston Street. So I thought I would just
do a quick update video that talks about some of the major projects. So the one
that people have been talking about the old Hotel Dieu site is site is currently
owned by a company called Seasons and they are entering now phase one of the
development. It’ll be a a large-scale development that will include older
adult living space and so we’re expecting to see work on that site this
fall and our staff is working very closely with the company as we look to
redevelop that very important part of our community. Now over at the old other
hospital the old General Hospital on Queenston Street we are working with the
new owner who has been with our planning department looking at different options
that they can pursue on a very large piece of property in the heart of our
community. We’re looking forward to some definitive plans that will be coming
forward shortly that we’ll be able to share with the community but I gotta say
the current company is working very closely with our staffing department
with our planning department and things are moving along. Over on Church Street
which was I believe the old natural gas building – the consumer gas building and
we often refer to it as the the black building and that one is undergoing
redevelopment. Currently there’s a company that will be looking to turn it
into condos and so again they’re working with the planning department who is
actively examining the the plans and making sure that it all fits within the
community but we’re looking for that addition to take place quickly as I know
they’re starting to work on the building as well. Now down at the other
end of our downtown 111 Church Street – so Council has approved the development
of affordable housing building they’re in partnership with Penn Terra and FirstOntario and Bethlehem Place so there’s still
some steps to go through but the Planning Department and the company are
working very close together because affordable housing is an important
part of creating a whole community and we’re very focused on moving that
project along as quickly as possible. Down in Port Dalhousie Fortress has
held its own open house where a lot of members of the public were able to come
and take a look at the new designs that have been presented. We will be having an open house our Planning Department will be having an open house later on in
September and that’ll be the official open house for the public to provide
input to staff as well as they examine the plans. That’s an exciting opportunity
for us to see a future development that can be taking place in the heart of Port
Dalhousie. Now over on Carlton Street the Niagara Regional Housing build that’s
taking place on Carlton Street – 527 Carlton is going along very well and the
building is starting to come out of the ground. This is a way that we’re again
building affordable housing in our community. Construction should be
complete by late 2018 and we’re looking for 85 new units that will be in there
and we have 5,000 people on our waiting list – this is just a small impact that
we’re having but any impact is a positive impact and we’re looking
forward to that build in our community as well. So we have a lot taking place we
have the opening of St. Paul Street is now wide open so I encourage you to come
down there it looks beautiful but there is a lot of construction that’s
forthcoming that means jobs in our community it means more living space in
our community and it’ll also mean more potential commercial space in our
community and one last one is the one right across the road 110 James Street. I
just want to give a shout out to ClickBack who purchased the property from the
Niagara Region that is going to become a techni a technological hub for us. A
digital hub there’s a company ClickBack is an amazing company doing great work.
So as you can see there’s a lot going on I will continue to provide these updates
because you’re looking for seeing how St. Catharines is growing and we’re
showing you how it’s growing so until then have a great day.

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