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the whole building torn in two * s n a p * today we’re gonna build the empire state building ^w^ rainbows, gold, copper and silver magnets all cubes here are 6 x 6 x 6 magnets every cube here contains 216 magnet balls *slice noises* gold magnets are gold *snap of the golden ones added to both sides of the cubes noises* *slice* *but then retracts* let’s cover the whole base with gold *snap* *slices off a bit* *technique 100* *cuts in, then retracts* the satisfaction! oops *plop* t h e s i l v e r y o n e s the effort shows rattle rattle snap snap satisfying moments brrrrrrrrrrr bam the base is finished i think?!? yes! that was just part one, here’s to the part two! *long slice* *silent crickty crickty crick* pom! ‘o’ *long slice again* silver flanked by rainbowz apply the shaft to the bottom half bram *nevres* *trembling noises* these white ones i think *carefully* *phew* dun unbearable noise oooh this time ‘neath the view plop it back in 😀 separate the yolk from the whites *clack* gold | silver | gold slice them into RAMs then apply it one side finished well, not yet… noow! don’t mess this up now, hun both sides finished! klirr klirr ughh, the edges? really? final touches=finished part three commencing: the top 000 | 000000 | 000 this is gonna be soooo such! g o o d n e s s ! ! ! *clack* slide the magnet separator away… ^~^ don’t forget the sides! *snap rattle clack* and maybe a few more balls doon crr… trr trrack! ._. and now! for yet another layer! also, the little balcony as well also the rest of the building layerz layerzz layerzzz what r u doing? .o. that little loose part shall loosen U_U the corners one by one prepare yourselves! mildly infuriating boom clack a lack and now for the needle-like transmitter! the spire! the spire 2! and the needle on the top. completed! what do you guys think?!? did you know that the empire state building has its social media? facebook: Empire State Building instagram: empirestatebldg youtube: Empire State Building pinterest: Empire State Building twitter: @EmpireStateBldg just in case you’re interested! ;D this is an awesome build! props to this man! make sure you subscribe for more landmarks! he’s literally the best magnet builder everrrr! thanks for watching!!

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  1. how you can make this stuff is amazing! Im glad i came accross your channel. Its very creative and you can tell how much to like to do this for your fans. 😀

  2. I asked in an earlier video where you got your cards you said on Amazon but i cant find them so will you please tell a rookie(me) the product name.

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  4. That is also made out of magnetic balls or just use a lego gorilla with a female lego and planes if you don't know how to create king kong out of magnetic balls

  5. That's fantastic great stuff you did there. Is there any chance that you could make twin towers, the pentagon and the burj khalifa as well made of magnetic balls?

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