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Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out On unique stories from 101India First, I thought that I would give them (underprivileged
childredn) toffees Just as I was about to buy them, I realised That they will only remember me till the toffee
lasts That some uncle came and gave them a toffee I then thought I could give them clothes to
wear Then I changed my mind again Because those will not last beyond 6 months Then I decided to spend an hour a day and
teach them When I started teaching them under the bridge,
people called me crazy They asked, how will he teach these children
here? How will he start a school under the bridge But I thought if I just stick by my beliefs,
something good will happen Gradually more and more children started coming
in. Today there are 270 children studying here
in 2 shifts First I was the only teacher, then more people
came forward to help me teach And that’s what helped my confidence grow We named it ‘Free School Under The Bridge’ Boys study in the morning shift from 9am to
11am The girls come in the second shift from 2pm
to 4 pm When we started the school, this area was
just abandoned This school is not registered, nor is it run
by any NGO or society The entire initiative is run by ordinary people Even getting books and stationery for the
children We are not trained teachers Just getting a degree is not important How you utilize it is important Unless you’re using it everyday, then it grows Otherwise it’s just a piece of paper When the train passes above, we stop teaching Everyday 7-8 minutes a metro train passes So either we try and speak over it, or we
stop teaching The only reason to run this school under the
bridge is to shield us from the sun and the rain When the metro authorities learned about the
good work being done They permitted us to make blackboards on the
walls I feel satisfied, knowing that I’m giving
them what their parents couldn’t Their parents are happy But I feel happier, knowing I have done something
worthwhile in this world My only request to people is that they should
teach 10 children in their respective areas For just an hour a day Education should be spread like blessings So when the children receive it, they are
able to make something out of their lives To live for oneself is no life at all Learn to live for others If you want to see change in the world we
will have to educate our children

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  1. Sab padna chahte he but hamari chuitya government and politics kabhi in sab pe dhyan hi nahi deti and I salute these persons

  2. Neta sabh tuh vote lekar public ko bewakoof banane ka kam karte hai…sahi tuh yeh kaam kar rahe hai…proud on u…👌👌👌👌

  3. मैंने दुनिया मैं आकर कोई नेक काम जरूर किया हैं |

  4. pls subscribe this channel …i do not belong to this channel bt i m a fan of 101…subscribe and pls like this channel deserves more ….it is the best on youtube

  5. This is so wonderful… thank you for believing.. and thank you for believing in these children 😊❤️ the world needs more people like you… please tell the teacher this if you see him again

  6. sometimes i feel like do we really deserve people like this god of a man…such great ethics…love and determination…just beautiful…education for all…the right to all….brilliant man and a brilliant idea…

  7. voluntarily, I have taught these students . It is near Yamuna Vihar metro station, Delhi. Anyone can go nd contribute to teach them

  8. i dont know why i cried.i felt i am using nothing with my degree.oh god,its just a paper unless you use it.Thankyou so much for opening my eyes…

  9. What an awesome human being. Like he said, your degree is of no use if you don't use it to help humankind, it becomes just a piece of paper. What a kind man! May God continue to bless you and all the other volunteer teachers who give their time to these children.

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