The Infrastructure Side of Cyber

As software becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives cyber becomes more and more of a threat. Everything is now connected. Initially, it used to be individuals connecting into a network. Now it’s more of a network connecting things to an individual. It’s everywhere. Our homes, our cars, medical devices. When you look at what happens from a financial market standpoint or a power grid standpoint or even down to a personal level your personal financial data, your Social Security numbers. We’ve done a very good job in protecting our classified networks. What we need to do is take that knowledge and apply it to other critical sectors. So we are able to identify those critical assets and where those vulnerabilities lie. If you look at our critical infrastructure the best way to protect those networks is to separate them off the network completely. However, they can’t do business. Raytheon and Forcepoint’s solutions will enable them to do business by allowing them that interconnectivity without opening up a channel for cyber threat. No matter what challenges they face. No matter what incidents they see coming through. No matter what attacks they face. We can provide a customer with continuous operations.

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