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As i’ve grown here Clark Construction,
I’ve learned one important thing. We are only as good as our people. We hire the very best
people, from very best schools. I dont know if I’ve ever been around a more driven,
focused group of individuals. The guys don’t work nine to five. They put
in the time that is needed to get the job done. Everyone that I’ve encountered i found is very
hard-working. The best and the brightest out there. They’re really driven, dedicated. If I can
describe the people here at Clark in one word, its passionate. Our
people like to perform, they like to excel. Were a very
creative, very innovative group of people. There’s a lot of ingenuity here. There’s a lot of experience here. We’ll talk
their problems, we’ll develop solutions together and that really makes for a great work environment. My co-workers here
at Clark construction are like a family. Its a place where you can find a lot of long lasting friendships. Every
Clark employee that I’ve worked with has become a really close friend. Fifty percent of my wedding party was
Clark personnel. My very best friends are right here at work. I think everyone has each other’s back. One
of the things that really attracted me about the company was just how much fun everybody seem to be
having at work. If were not hanging out during the day, grabbing lunch
together, then afterwards we’re going to happy hours. Clark soccer team We go white water rafting, we camp, emotional dinners
we have barbecues. Team Clark where we met our new employees. But lastly we serve together as a community.
The people that are a Clark are at Clark for a long time. not just 10 but 15, 20, 25, thirty-plus
years. They’ll definitely go out of their way to to
present you with new opportunities. We try and be at the forefront of
everything we do. They do a really great job training their people. We have the opportunity to develop as
leaders. There’s always an open door for you to go and ask questions. There’s the chance for you to make a big
career. If you’re willing to do the work, put the time in, Clark will award you. I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t be the person that I am
today, if I hadn’t been surrounded by the caliber of people that we have here at the Clark team.

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