City Land Theme Park Is located in City Housing Jhelum On Lahore Rawalpindi GT Road 3.5 Hours from Lahore Is near Jhelum / Dina May Blessings be on you guys. It’s 4 PM in the late afternoon And today is 2nd February 2019 and today i will take you along to Theme Park and it is in Citi Housing Jhelum and that is main gate of citi housing JHELUM Here is an open ground. No problem of parking space That place is for BIKES Uncle what is the cost of Tickets for elders and young ones 30 Per head OK.. Take This 3 Tickets Give small note of 100 These are the tickets of Theme Park Entry Tickets 30 Rs each Lets get inside Theme park is very good, look these are like egyptian pyramids See ….the markings on pillars is also like egypt Benches are really nice and see this pyramid type…. Train tickets are purchased from here Upto 2 years of children are free to sit in train For Elders the ticket is of Rs.70/- per head one uncle got ahead of us, after him, we will buy the ticket Uncle give me, 3 tinkets Do you have change Rs.10/- Yes These are the tickets On it, there is written 50 and overwritten 70 Come quick , or else we may miss the train Looks like , there is still some time before train moves on, as it is not yet full Don’t sit here without getting a ticket They have made necessary arrangement to check Train started moving at 4:38 pm Now i will show you , how it looks It is very enjoyable, looks as if we are going through a tunnel You can see that people in front are also making video Lets see if we go under that opening in hill type feature These are Deer Happening exactly as i guessed Smell of Zebras can be felt Parrots Australian Parrots Enjoying a lot See, this is greek art structure Pyramids again Canteen is also here Play area But these are for small kids Bumping cars These are for kids Pirates ship is also very small and that too in actual is so big… I have seen a total of 3 Pyramids here Houses are also ver good Adjacent to the park If you don’t have much money you can even walk around If guests come to your place, obviously you have to pay for them as well Therefore it is recommended to walk it out Zebras are nearby I am goint to take a round by walking as well, i am not over yet To show you lions from close up It is a family park, must bring them along and you will enjoy Greeks It looks like egypt to me… whole of it Lot of huts Citi Pizza Shop Hot Samosa , Hot Jalebi Reached back at 4:48 PM Ride of 10 Mins, but the park was too big Train obviously covered it for us in an earlier time frame I Enjoyed. Lets go, this is the train in which i had a ride, very big train I am hopeful , you will be enjoying with me Now i will take you along on foot No problem, it happens Grounds of Pakistan should also be prepared like this I am telling this to owner of Pakistani Grounds To prepare such grounds, even the park is better than grounds Hot samosa and hot jalebi is also available here I am getting hungry by just looking Sitting area is also very nice Sitting area is available inside as well Little higher for me to sit, but no problem, i will sit. Nice, i give Good to the garderner of this park for planting such special plants Look at the base, stem Now let me show you the best view of this place Looking Excellent Four Lions All together In centre is a greek style minerate Pictures shall not be taken in a way that sun is behind you Azan has been heard , so let’s go for prayers We have reached very close to the mosque (masjid) It is a very beautiful Masjid The train is coming, see how it looks from outside Train also went from the same route In evening this park would look even better What’s the price? 30 Rupees. I need only one It’s really exciting to see the Lion Hello Hello This lion seems to be sleeping and seems to be old Have started feeling cold while eating it, let me wear my jacket A very beautiful structure has been built The tiger is continuously looking at that aunty with anger That lion is sleeping like babies with his hands crossed This is another lion Lion is also mentioned in Quran Running away from Lion In Arabic approximately 500 different words are used can u listen to the lion roaring See.. white tiger I had read that their roar can go upto 8 kms For taking a picture this is best location It donot seem to be a Pakistani Society So beautiful, truly natural Looking even better from here What a good scenery This is the biggest of it’s type in here Hiiiii I want to keep running in it again and again Enjoyable There are Zebras I scared them Don’t know why this is so famous Is basically just like donkey You can get all type of information writen on here, like continent europre, asisa, north america all the red deers are tired one deer is watching us whose face is touching the ground sunset is close I feel as if they are talking to me when they do like this may be they are asking me to open them I saw pink parrot for the first time I wanted to sit in all these things, ship, but these are for under 10 years of age Lets run, to reach before sunset and we miss Giraffes, who would be in their room by then Hello Giraffe Giraffe Slightly dark now but may be you can see I am zooming in for you Lights have been switched on immediately after sunset Dont touch because anything can happen Gardener uncle has worked very hard Maghrib call of prayer is going on Now we will leave God has given us such a beautiful world May he give us good hereafter and save us from the punishment of grave Oh god give us good in this world and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of grave


  1. Bahut khoob👏👏 Beshak Allah ne hamein bahut khoobsurat duniya di hai . Aakhirat bhi acchi dein. Aameen.
    Sair ke waqt bhi jo aapne namaaz ki pabandi ki…Masha Allah mujhe bahut accha laga. Allah aap ko bahut kamyaab karein. Aameen
    Park with Greek architecture was very beautiful. 10 min ke train ride mein aapne kitna kuch dikha diya aur aapko zebra gadhe jaisa dikhta hai kya🤣🤣🤣🤣Big like 👍

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