TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer

[Horse] What took you so long? [Cohen] I had to pay my respects to the mountain spirits. [Horse] This place is desolate. It’s been three days since we’ve seen sign of civilised life. [Cohen] There’s something that I’ve always been been meaning to do, ever since I was a lad. My dad said to me “Son, when you can face down a troll in single combat, then you can do anything.” [Horse] You think you can kill a troll? [Cohen] I never said that was part of the plan either… [Cohen] HIT ME [Mica] RIGHT [Cohen] When I first went into the Barbarian Hero Business, every bridge had a troll under it. Now there’s more trolls in the city then there are in the mountains. Fat as butter, most of ’em. [Mica] Mica’s the name, you don’t know what an honour this is Mr Cohen sir! [Cohen] Hey! Wait a minute! Wonder what happened to ’em all? [Mica] I remember my dad telling me about you when I was just a pebble. He bestrides the world like a clossus he says. [Beryl] Oh, he’s just a little old man, he don’t look very heroic to me [Cohen] This is it. Smoke? [Horse] Look I’m not sure this is a good idea. [Cohen] Right CROSS THAT BRIDGE [Cohen] I remember all the big old wars Don’t you? You must have fought. [Mica] I carried a club, yeah.

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