Typhoon Tapah to bring heavy rain and strong gusts nationwide

– Harper is picking up steam as it heads
towards Korea’s southeastern city of Busan it has already caused some
casualties and destructors transportation and infrastructure our
team day has the details the 17 typhoon of the season
typhoon Thapa is expected to pass through busan leer tonight as of sunday
evening the storm was located some 110 kilometers off of Jeju Island moving a
northeasterly direction away from the island towards Yasu in toland Ando
province and Pusan typhoon warnings are in place for Jeju Island and a few
southeastern regions of the country including some eastern parts of kondal
parts of chungcheong-do and jeolla-do provinces according to the latest
forecasts the typhoon is expected to pass over Busan later tonight at around
10 p.m. it will then reach waters off Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo by
around 6 a.m. Monday before moving towards Japan after seeing the heaviest
rain on Sunday rain clouds will clear up from Monday afternoon
heavy rain of nearly 700 millimeters has already fallen in some parts of Jeju
Island and even now the downpours are continuing there have been some
casualties a 72 year old woman was found dead after a home collapsed in Busan
late last night due to strong winds and several people have been reportedly
injured as well more than 1000 homes were without power in teju from 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m. Sunday related authorities are on high alert and prepared to take
response measures the interior and safety ministry raised its typhoon alert
status to his second highest level after the storm developed into a medium-sized
typhoon on Saturday also the city of Busan is operating a 24-hour disaster
safety countermeasures headquarters staffed by 40 personnel the city of
Busan also issued its highest typhoon alert while the entrance to her Lhasa
Mountain has been closed off the port of Busan has been closed since Saturday and
vessels have been moved to seat docking areas the kaga bridge connecting Busan
and Colorado Island has been closed off to all traffic as of 11:00
Sunday many flights have been canceled at Jeju International Airport and
elsewhere across the nation including Kim hae Kimpo and Incheon International
Airport Kim Jae Hee Arirang news Busan

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  1. lol… and after that, the green ecologist people will continue to say, we don't have enough water.. please, don't use too much water.. lol

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