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It is the most streamlined way to get into a housing situation for professional students in Seattle. Go ahead love. Well, we were looking for a place closer to campus. I am within walking distance of campus, and that makes life infinitely easier. I wanted to make sure that my life is streamlined as much as possible. Everthing’s here. There’s District Market. There’s Fitness Center West. Having one billing system is pretty convenient. Oh, it’s convenient. I mean when we got here, one of the things I dread most when I move into a place is balancing, you know, all of the six, you know, utilities that come with, you know, the responsibility of being a renter. You take care of one thing all bundled together, and life is a million times easier. Time is money. And if I can save time here, I save money. There’s just, there’s no suprises, which I think is really nice. It is one less headache for a graduate student to have to deal with. I think it’s the biggest apartment that we’ve had so far, actually. Yeah. Lots of light, great social space, you know, kitchen to living room. You know, the bathrooms are big and clean. And having a full apartment, it’s been really nice. Having a full kitchen, it’s been really nice. It’s the perfect size for someone whose just moved half their belongings across the country. Convenience. Remotely viewing what to expect and then coming in and seeing that it’s basically the same as what we remotely viewed, this was right on the money. Plus, it’s a beautiful place too. I love the spread of Nordheim. When I came for my first visit, I was impressed that it was identical to what they were advertising. You are pretty much living independently but with benefits. I guess the lack of stress. You know, something breaks, you can call somebody, and it’ll get fixed. So much of a weight lifted off of you when you know that you’ve got HFS there just taking care of it for you. And also the fact that there is mega-diversity is playing into my experience quite a bit. I really enjoy it. It’s just fun to be around students as well. Convenient, it’s like a little city. Everything that you need is taken care of. And we actually recommended it to a few of our friends that moved here, so. That’s right. Yeah. The great part about it is that it’s student oriented. In the end, it’s still about time and convenience. Yeah, we lived with Housing & Food Services for a year. I love Mercer, and I’m happy I’m living here again. It worked out so well the first year, we tried it again. It’s worth every penny.

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